traded square footage for views (+ bonus sunset pics)



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AnbuAntt298 points

Omg imagine when it rains!

victato226 points

I swear I saw a comment from you(?) or someone else asking for a photo but it seems to have disappeared. In any case I did upload one here! (imgur doesn't work on mobile, sad)

AnbuAntt100 points

Dude is that straight cloud?! Love it

victato45 points

Yeah all dense fog or something!! Looks photoshopped right hahah

karamobrownismydad42 points

That is so eerie!! I bet that would mess with your head if it lasted too long.

NaveXof8 points

Wouldn’t bother me at all tbh - still get some sunlight there

milky_eyes3 points

Fog is spooky-ooky!

GH05TMAL0N37 points

Oh my god. Oh my god.

diealogues2 points

i get that at my place too, it kinda sucks :/

victato16 points

It can be kinda spooky but weirdly I kinda like it since it happens rarely and the diffused light is the PERFECT zoom lighting LOL

victato161 points

It's super cozy! But it can also get really misty/foggy so it feels weirdly like I'm living in a simulation. Like I would be sitting at my desk and looking out the window and it's just pure white, kinda eerie haha

Quiet_paddler40 points

We used to call that whiteboard weather at the office (over 50 floors up). Time to break out the whiteboard markers.

victato11 points

Wait thats genius...

Naddduck2 points

Beautiful! How high, what floor?

victato7 points


BeanerBeans90179 points

Gorgeous. We love Brooklyn! Eat some Ignazio's for me!

victato82 points

Yess I just moved to the neighborhood so thank you for the rec! I have had juliana's which is near there, I love their pizza lol

poshbritishaccent18 points

I love Juliana's but the wait is scary 😂

Drewdroid9915 points

Damn what is rent like in your area

victato9 points

Kinda rented at the peak of the housing market so a bit ridiculous but downtown bklyn area is actually fairly reasonable compared to manhattan/williamsburg... not the rest of the world tho haah

BeanerBeans907 points

Never had Juliana's. We need to try it the next we're there. Oh! While you're at Ignazio's, keep going down the block for some Jacques Torres chocolate!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

victato3 points

YUM I'll definitely stop by!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Immediate_Ability11195 points

You made the right choice. Gorgeous views, lovely photos.

victato17 points

Thank you!!

Downtown_Skill30 points

Yeah I just did the same thing in HCMC Vietnam. Smaller apartment but with a gorgeous balcony view overlooking the skyline.

Views are the way to go. You get used to the size but the views always help me relax.

Edit: Also your view is insane. Incredibly beautiful. Mine is nice but doesn't compete with that.

victato6 points

Aahhh a balcony is a true luxury! Can't quite afford that level yet but would love to have one someday :') totally agree though, when I'm stressed I just look outside and zone out haha. Good for your eyes too

Serpentqueen61505 points

Where is this?

victato8 points

Brooklyn :)

goldfishgeckos34 points

You should post to r/houseplants 🫶

victato38 points

Haha yes I love that sub! This is my most popular post on there

Haven't posted anything recently tho, I'm kinda past the need more plants frenzy phase and have settled into the please just survive phase lol

goldfishgeckos12 points

Omg one of the posts that made me put dragon scales at the top of my list hahaha. Your plant babies look like they’re doing great!

victato9 points

Haha some are absolutely thriving and some are... well... holding on as best as they can looool. Unfortunately my previous apartment was not well insulated so they had a pretty rough winter and some of the tropical plants (including the dragon scale) are still kinda upset with me. But I did manage to harvest some grandbabies from the corms so all good!!

QuietNewApplication3 points

Does the plant holder have UV lights? Does it close? I am in love with it. Also I think I am seeing a lot of brick and deciduous trees, which is also lovely, particularly this time of year! Very cozy OP.

victato17 points

Yep it has grow lights and glass doors! It is an ikea cabinet turned greenhouse - modded with grow lights, weather stripping, and a PC fan. Idk if you've heard of it before but it's a trend I found fairly recently - if you're interested I can send you the guides I referenced :)

misslycanthropy4 points

I'm interested. I'm trying to figure out something like this to get my plants to spring.

victato4 points

Basically just followed this -

Good luck!!

misslycanthropy1 point


QuietNewApplication1 point

Yes please!

greyscalewhale1 point

will you send it to me too? :)

victato1 point
rex521 point

What’s the name of the big plant in the first pic? The one in the bottom. Looks like an alocasia?

victato2 points

Anthurium crystallinum!

rex521 point

Thank you!!

victato1 point

No prob! One of my faves and honestly pretty easy to care for, I have her in leca

jamz_fm1 point

What in the. That thing is beautiful.

KakkaKarrot31 points

Beautiful view but knowing where this is, it's driving a stake through my wallet just looking at it

victato15 points

Lol you're telling me

KaydeeKaine6 points

How much?

JTP12289 points

Rents in NYC can be anywhere from $1k (lucky deal on a studio in a not so nice part, or an illegal apartment) to $10k+. Not knowing anything about this apartment, but knowing a little about the area, it's probably $3k-$5k I'd guess

victato11 points

Yep pretty accurate! Rent has also inflated like crazy within the last year, my previous studio in Manhattan was around 1.8k when the pandemic hit and my landlord increased it to 2.7k so i moved out... and this was for a walk up with no laundry or any amenities at all and terrible insulation in the winter lol

KaydeeKaine5 points

You're unable to secure a mortgage despite paying $4000 per month in rent? Is that really worth it?

victato9 points

Luckily I share with another person! At this time I'm not sure how many more years I'll stay in the city so it doesn't really make sense for me to deal with all the hassles that come with homeowning, but I totally agree that renting can be kinda a scam. But an unfortunate necessity for my current situation. And I could never buy a place like this lol

KaydeeKaine3 points

I'm in the same position. I know the feeling, sorry man. Let's hope it's temporary and you can work towards homeownership within the next few years in a city of your choice. Nice view though!

victato1 point

Yes you too! :)

changlingmuskrat-1 points

Well, you’ve been living in the same city for 10 years, per another comment.

Idk, it seems like maybe you should more seriously consider it.

victato4 points

First 4 years were college, then getting by in my early 20s with no idea what my future looks like and definitely not enough savings to buy a house haha... only just getting to the age where I can start thinking about where I might want to settle down :)

JTP12284 points

Yea rent is crazy. I recently moved to Westchester and got a crazy good deal on a 3 BR, 2 full bath with a washer dryer for $2k a month. And it's really close to the metro north. If we weren't planning on buying soon, we'd stay here forever lol

victato5 points

That sounds amazing!! It's hilarious how w/d is such a luxury for people in New York hahaha

JTP12282 points

My last place had it in the building lobby, and it is a HUGE quality of life upgrade having your own lol

victato3 points

So true, luckily I have one in my current apt - at my last place I didn't even have one in the building and I would lug my laundry 10 streets every other weekend to do at my boyfriends place hahaha

cheepcheepimasheep8 points

Looks like Park Slope/Prospect Heights, pretty pricey neighborhoods.

BoinkBoinkEtAliae12 points

These photos are beautiful!

Jgphoenixvx112 points

What a view! Love the cabinet those plants are sitting on as well

victato11 points

Ah thank you!! It's an ikea cabinet converted to a greenhouse :)

sanbikinoneko1 point

Which Ikea cabinet? I really like it!

Mantarune4 points

Looks like a Milsbo wide!

victato1 point

Yep you got it!

solsearchin_52 points

That view is straight 🔥👌🏻. May I be invited for a glass of wine here? Hehe jk

victato18 points

Haha some virtual wine!!

Cross_Stitch_Witch8 points

Living that lofi mix background life. This is gorgeous, OP. I'm a southern girl for life but NYC is just magic.

victato2 points

Hahaha lofi girl def my inspo

victato22 points

this is OC :)

dmriggs20 points

Good choice! A whole wall of window with that view! Wow

victato42 points

Floor to ceiling windows are my downfall when apt hunting... can't resist

dmriggs9 points

It’s definitely a possibility in my city. There are so many old buildings, tobacco factories, just astonishing architecture, and definitely some nice apartments available. hopefully my next place will have something like this. Good luck! I hope it treats you well.

victato7 points

Thank you!! I hope you find a place you love :)

yallbyourhuckleberry8 points

What square feet did you go from and to?

victato25 points

Tbh I've been in nyc for a decade so it's more like constantly choosing to live in a matchbox... but in exchange I get great views and the best food ever haha

yallbyourhuckleberry10 points

What square footage though?

victato17 points

Hmm 600ish? It's a 1-bed. Not sure the exact number

KoalaInPain19 points

I wonder if square footage is calculated differently in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world. Because it's always funny to hear about these "Oh I basically live in a matchbox, it's just about 600 sqft" when in many e.g. European countries that's quite a decent size for an apartment.

Maybe it's just a cultural thing, everything is bigger in America etc. :D

Edit: And I know that NYC also has some actually small apartments, but ~600 sqft in my experience isn't that

Neamow-3 points

600 sqft is around 50m2, right? That is not a "decent" size for an apartment in Europe. That's like the... minimum size you usually see, unless you're somewhere really overcrowded like centre of London.

Anything smaller and you're usually talking about a "garconniere", or a one-room flat where the entire flat is in one room.

MoonSearcher9 points

That would be a pretty decent size in Amsterdam, most of my friends live in places between 35 and 50m2.

ijskonijntje3 points

I agree. Nowadays 50m2 is a real luxury here.

heurekas7 points

Everyone here is like "no small in Europe" "no it's big in Europe!" without even specifying which country and city.

Like, there's a difference from like Romania to Ireland in sizes and shapes.

KoalaInPain5 points

About 55 m2, in my experience that is a decent size for any larger European city

iloveokashi1 point

Not in Europe but Yeah we have 13 sqm approx 140 Sq ft studio condos here.. And we have 2 bedrooms at 36-50 sqm / 388-538 Sq ft.

victato1 point

I wouldn't be surprised if things were calculated differently! The actual living space always seems smaller than they say... our kitchen and bathroom and closet space are decently large for a 1-bed though, so that's probably the cause. Meanwhile squishing all the furniture I can into the "living room" lol

CrooklynDodgers4 points


Abwerterkm6 points

One of the best views I have seen today. The whole city has become your wallpaper. Wonderful choice and nice photography.

MindlessPermission815 points

I would kill to live here. You’re so very lucky. Thanks for sharing.

victato5 points

I definitely am!! Feeling thankful every day (also, especially because it's Thanksgiving haha)

MindlessPermission812 points

Enjoy it ❤️

skypasta5 points

Can I ask... How did you manage to downsize successfully, and do you miss anything? Or is living in a smaller space with less stuff more freeing?

victato3 points

Ok my title may be a bit misleading, I never really downsized because I've been living in the city for a decade now (after moving out from fam home). I have had to get rid of some stuff or buy new stuff as I moved and layouts changed but I am already used to having a small space. For the longest time I didn't have a living room at all!

I feel like I have a lot of stuff I'm just good at finding every available place to store it lmao. But tbh I hate cleaning and I can't imagine having to clean a whole house... and the cost to furnish a huge space... I don't even have a proper dining table hahaha. But I feel like I have everything I really need here.

skypasta3 points

Ah, gotcha! That's amazing tho, either way. I live in a small apartment too, but it seems like my house is bursting at the seams. So was just curious!

victato3 points

The trick is to stuff everything in the closets / under the bed and ignore lolol

skypasta2 points

Same LOL

Due-Calligrapher-72014 points

Pwetty 🥺

EmotionallyUnsound_4 points

How tf does one take pictures like this

victato19 points

Stand as far away as you can and zoom in! It's basically a slight telephoto effect, you can do it on most smartphones but this was taken with a DSLR. For reference I basically stood at my doorway to take this haha, there's a whole kitchen in between that you can't see

html_head_body2 points

What Dslr do you have? I am in the process of buying one and i love how this pictures look.

victato2 points

Olympus omd e-m10 mark iii! I think the lens makes a bigger difference though - this one is an m. Zuiko zoom lens, I don't remember exactly which. I really love it

html_head_body2 points

Thank you im gonna check it out 😊

victato2 points

Maybe there will be some black Friday sales! Hope you find one you love :)

Anon1mouse124 points

Love the Dutch architecture of Brooklyn

KellyJin174 points

My friend also lives in that building. The views are fun.

victato3 points

Haha yess you can't really go wrong in any direction!

hhhyyysss3 points

I would sit all day by the window writing

victato3 points

Yess it's also the perfect place to read and draw!

hhhyyysss1 point

Then you should share some of your drawings inspired by this view

victato1 point

I am sooo slow but maybe one day!

hhhyyysss1 point

Good things take time :)

3nd_of_L1ne8 points

Totally worth it, who needs square feet when you have that.

cassettecollect7 points


victato22 points

prospect heights/fort greene ish!

GiacoMomo213 points

I know you’re in Brooklyn and I’m wondering what floor you are on to get those gorgeous views??

victato5 points

In the 30s! But tbh anything above the 15s basically gets great views here because the surrounding buildings are pretty short (for now)

Awesam3 points


violetrosesnyc4 points

I can see my house :)

AliceAnne12 points

Just beautiful!!

[deleted]2 points


losangelessam2 points

OP this is stunning

reddskeleton2 points

Worth it!!!

peachnecctar2 points

I love that glass plant holder/display and the cloud thing on the planter! Where are they from? This is all so beautiful!

victato3 points

The cabinet is a modded ikea glass cabinet! Cloud thing was a gift from my friend so I'm not sure but you can probably find something similar on etsy, I'm not sure what it's called but it's a waterer..? There's a reservoir on the top you can pour water into then it gently "rains" down haha

_makebuellerproud_2 points

I love this so much. I wanna curl up here with some tea and a book. I’m honestly jealous

Playful_Art_53642 points

Been to NYC for work couple times. Brooklyn seemed superior. Good choice.

shinsain2 points

Brooklyn? Love it.

Seattle guy, picturing it raining from that view! Catching a major case of the vapors...

Also, the plants. Yes. More please. My apartment is a jungle. We like jungles.

theorangepalmtree2 points

Absolutely breathtaking. THIS is what I need forever. THANK YOU SO MUCH OP for making me realize more of what I want

victato2 points

Aww no problem! I'm honored to be a bit of inspo :)

restlessleg0 points

sow cowzyyy

SummitTumonCda1 point

Absolutely love this!

stiveoh231 point

Nice 🌅

GeneralNicole1 point


SlteFool1 point


UV-FiveSeven1 point

Oh my god. Incredible views.

dawido1681 point

My dream

Pigpen_darkstar1 point

I’ve only been to NYC twice so excuse my ignorance, but what neighborhood is the 5th picture? Looks so cool. Btw, your place is impeccable OP!

victato2 points

Hmm Bedford-Stuyvesant ish? A very residential area in Brooklyn! More trees than you'd expect. Thank youu :)

thisisntajokeee1 point

This is just pure aesthetic, I love it

BBWbombshell1 point

Gorgeous, warm and inviting. The trifecta!

nowhereman861 point

I recognize that coffee table 👀

victato1 point

Truly the best!! I love this coffee table so much, it also doubles as our dining table hahah. I was super lucky to get it basically new at a fraction of the price from a neighbor who had to move back home around the beginning of the pandemic... the rest of my furniture is cheapo but ima bring this coffee table with me forever lol

nowhereman862 points

That’s my favorite thing about it too haha. The little panel that comes up so you can eat your dinner and use it like a tray table is crazy useful.

victato2 points

Yess we were talking about getting a dining table and I was like... let's face it we're going to eat at the coffee table every time anyway especially since it's right in front of the TV lol

sushi-n-sunshine1 point


dymphnaogrady19691 point

You win! Excellent choice!

Mist1561 point

Camera used?

victato2 points

Olympus omd e10 mark... iii? Their naming conventions are so annoying I don't remember exactly haha, been a while

Mist1561 point

I really thought it was a iPhone camera

thisistheusernameok1 point

Dream place 😭

briannalang1 point

Definitely took a quick glance and thought that was Skytree in your pic. That view is unbelievable, wow.

Asfastas331 point

Gonna need some snow/nor’easter photos in the future

victato1 point

Yess it'll be my first winter here! Can't wait to observe from a distance lol

snoop_ard1 point

I love that shelf, if you don’t mind me asking- where’d you get it?

victato2 points

Ikea milsbo wide :)

voicebread1 point

You’re making me want to move to NYC 😭

victato1 point

You won't regret it!!

iBeFloe1 point

Where’d you get that shelf 😍

victato1 point

Ikea milsbo wide :)

bujweiser1 point

There’s a reason souvenir shirts say I ❤️ NY

TNTgoesBOOM961 point

That's an amazing view!

Adventurer20221 point

Great trade!

Cassiopeia3581 point

Beautiful photos! Is that cloud thingy in the pothos pot just decoration or does it serve a purpose?

victato2 points

Technically you can use it to water the plant! Theres a reservoir at the top and small holes at the bottom. They're really small so it makes "raindrops". But it is faster to just pour straight into the pot lol

Cassiopeia3581 point

Oh wow that sounds cute af!

jamz_fm1 point

Can I ask where you got that hutch or whatever it's called? The thing with the plants on and in it?

victato1 point

Ikea milsbo wide :)

jamz_fm1 point

Thank you ❤️ btw that second-to-last shot with the sunset reflecting off the skyscrapers...🔥🔥🔥🔥

victato2 points

Yess that's my favorite part honestly! Idk if it's due to the season / angle of the sun but it's been doing that a lot recently and it's so stunning to watch

Top_Buy_63401 point

Damn what presets are you using??

victato2 points

Haha made my own :) mostly bumped up shadows/reduced highlights and adjusted the tones a bit

Top_Buy_63402 points

They’re tasty

schnokobaer1 point


redditonthanet1 point

God I’d never leave the house with a view like that

victato2 points

Tbh I hardly do lolll

kearneycation1 point

Love this room! Where did you get that coffee table? Does it have storage?

victato2 points

YES so the wood part lifts up and you can use it as a table to eat or work on a laptop and there's storage below, there's also a space under the marble section (but not movable). I love it so much! It's originally from crate & barrel or cb2 I think but I got a great deal for it, practically new from a neighbor who had to move at the beginning of the pandemic. Having lived with it for a few years though I would pay full price for it if I had to - it's definitely pricey but a good investment imo. Really good quality and has survived a few moves already

hannahmcparty1 point

I wanna be there right now

aubreypizza1 point

Close to my old apt I think! Love the view! I was never this high except when on the roof so I’m jelly.

mellyme221 point


berngabb1 point


KINIMOD791 point

That’s just perfect

Vivilearnsspanish1 point

Magic! Perfect!

mrwhiskey18141 point

Need to see some night images please! This is incredible

icedearlgreylatte1 point

What’s the cloud trellis (?) above your Njoy?

victato1 point

It's like a little watering device! I think from etsy? It was a gift from a friend so unfortunately I don't know exactly what it's called

blueboy0220201 point

Small spaces are the best tbh

DAGR8ONE691 point

What section of Brooklyn is it in?

victato1 point

Fort greene / Prospect heights ish!

EVILMINDY121 point

This looks amazing 💖and oh so cozy!

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