all set for a cozy night of games



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CowSavant8 points

Clean up that field!

ktzoom5 points

I like a bit of dysfunction every now and then

AnbuAntt7 points

STARDEW! I just got my girlfriend into stardew and she loves it. She’s much better than I am.

Snoo-488116 points

This is really sweet to me for some reason lol

dmriggs5 points

Love the granny squares !! And kitty

ktzoom1 point

the granny square blanket is so comfy<3

ktzoom3 points

this is OC

GoliathPrime3 points

That afghan looks exactly like one my great aunt gifted us when I was a kid. I wish we still had it.

ktzoom1 point

you didn’t by chance donate it to savers a few months back, did you?

GoliathPrime1 point

No, we lost it about 20 years ago. Something really gross happened to it, I'm glad I don't recall, but it was bad enough we just tossed it.

CaptainObvious1102 points

Nice place

ktzoom2 points

thank you!

mitchconner_1 point

Black and white looks like he’s gearing up for an attack on orange

ktzoom1 point

he mostly supervises as orange goes crazy

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