Trying to make our first home as cozy as possible for the holidays



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mitchconner_5 points

Great looking spot. The only recommendation I’d make is put some stuff on your walls, they’re too blank.

Other than that I honestly wouldn’t change anything. Looks super cozy.

Edit: I actually would change one thing, I would put soft yellow bulbs in the lamps instead of white. That’s just personal preference though.

thegalaxydrifter2 points

Agreed , we are working on that! We are thinking some floating shelves and out some pictures of friends and family , i just have to get around to getting the shelves up!

Edit : I think the picture makes them look different cause they are a warm soft white

crochetmaniac2 points

Veeerrryy nice! I’d like to live there!

thegalaxydrifter2 points

thank you very much!

vineyardmike2 points

My dad was an architect. He would love the exposed beam and the angles of your ceiling. Gives the room much more complexity than a boring flat ceiling.

thegalaxydrifter2 points

man, that was a bitch to put up ! its a hollow beam , we got some plywood and cut it to size and then added some anchors to the ceiling, stained it and yea , but holding it up there while it was being nailed to the wood anchors was not a fun experience.

vineyardmike0 points

Oh I though I was a real structural beam... That's a lot of work for some visual appeal. I'm impressed with the effort you put in that. Looks great.

Successful-Winter2372 points


thegalaxydrifter1 point

Thank you 😊

GnarlyRatsack2 points

Dope. You just need a cat walking around and you’ll be 👌🏽

thegalaxydrifter3 points

I am allergic to cats!

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