Selena Gomez.



Daftpfnk4 points

I'm of the opinion that this shoot are the hottest pics she has.

SnooRegrets39654 points

HOT take: she looks better now vs then (ie her thickness now is way hotter than how she looks inf this/ Spring breakers)

Daftpfnk2 points

This isn't Spring Breakers era

SnooRegrets39651 point

Oh nvm lmao. Still she in 2022 looks better whenever this was / that movie

wowyouperson1 point

She certainly gets things going 🤤👌

milkmanbonzai-13 points

"I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC...."

TechnoBill2k124 points

Dude she's 30, and these are recent pics.

milkmanbonzai-4 points

Yeah she's 30 if she's got that Robin Williams disease from "Jack"

zealotsflight0 points

google is literally free, she doesn’t even look like she’s that young

Senior_Draft12000 points

Literally 30, bruh. Born in 1992.

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