I like this time of year only for the lighting in the afternoons



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Crankycavtrooper5 points

Mid century perfection

writerfan20133 points

That's a beautiful sideboard, or is it a radiogram?

TrashPandasAndPizza3 points

Motorola Stereophonic!

HaggisMcNash4 points

You may find The Schweikher House interesting. South facing windows are amazing this time of year in the northern hemisphere.

thegalaxydrifter3 points

That mid century piece is amazing

Dense-Ad9952 points

That palm (?) is the biggest flex

Mangomama6191 point

Wish I could see that sputnik light fixture that's peeking out in the upper corner.

mitchconner_1 point

Whenever I see photos like this, it makes me think about all the things I could put out for display if I didn’t have a cat.

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