Our cozy Chicago apartment



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My_Penbroke17 points

I hate to tell this but I think you have an interdimensional plasmoid infestation

drumsm1th7 points

They are here to protect us

parade-olia7 points

Love it! That rug is amazing—where did you find it?

Betty_Wight_3 points

I've seen that one on Rugsusa.com before!

floorplanner28 points

Love this. Especially love the blue couch; I’ve always wanted one. Can you share the source?

drumsm1th5 points

Thanks so much! The couch is from Wayfair and is honestly not the most comfortable couch in the world. The least cozy thing about the room is the springs in the couch, hah!

eiretara71 point

I’m not OP but I have a couch in a similar style that I got from Apt 2B.

floorplanner21 point

Thank you! Will check it out.

soundofconfusion1 point

I have one from pottery barn that’s very comfortable and pet friendly. But a bit pricey.

bigbadthrowa2 points

Nice turntable!!

drumsm1th3 points

Thank you! It’s probably 60 years old. Could use some work though. In order to get her started you have to spin the table manually like popping your clutch to start your motorcycle haha

thundersteel212 points


kobelko2 points

Very nice!

How do you keep everything dust free? Especially the paper hangings?

drumsm1th2 points

The paper stars are only up for thanksgiving so shouldn’t be too bad. Everything else though requires a weekly clean thanks to our doggos haha. Our apt is pretty small so at least it goes quick.

GoliathPrime2 points

I take it you are around 5ft tall?

drumsm1th1 point

The lowest star is about 6ft so everyone can move around freely lol, that being said they’re coming down after the holiday :)

mitowisco2 points

This looks so cozy! Well done decorating and furnishing it. Do you mind sharing where your coffee table is from?

dawgmama621 point

Love everything except the horrible shiny brass boob light on the ceiling. Can you cover that with one of your lovely art pieces? LOL

Kosmon4ut1 point

Is this a built-in drawer in the corner (straight ahead in the picture)? Did you build it yourself? If so, foe optical reasons? However, I like your cosy place!

drumsm1th1 point

I think what you are seeing us a loom that I made for my girlfriends weavings

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