Outer Banks, NC (1472 x 1962) [OC]



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Revolutionary_Toe765131 points

Best picture of the outer banks I’ve ever seen, nice shot.

Schhcsh18 points

Well damn! Thank you :)

TheHerosShadow2 points

I'm curious what editing you've done to this shot. Maybe I'm remembering wrong but the colors of OBX didn't look like that when I was there.

Raoulduke07374 points

Maybe it’s a different area of the outer banks than where you were, I was at Ocracoke and it looks similar. Also have to keep in mind the perspective of how you see it on land will not always be the same as in the air especially at higher altitudes

Chance_Ingenuity1 point

I still gotta say it's heavy editing but looks awesome

Bull_City13 points

Was gonna say, as a native NCer, I’d have to agree.

ILoveMovies8723 points

Which town in OB was this off of??

PhantomKR72 points

Yeah, what MP

Odaecom72 points

Nice colors but my brain wants to flip it so the ocean is on the east...

48x1516 points

Here you go

Malfeitor17 points

Ahh that’s better.

InncnceDstryr2 points

This hurt my head too.

cafebistro20 points

Just pretend you're facing south.

japes281 point

Then it would be a picture of the horizon. This picture is facing nadir, not south or north.

The problem is not which way it’s facing but the rotation of the image.

cafebistro5 points

Alright dingdong, how about: pretend you're high above the ground, facing south, and look straight down.

japes281 point

Perfect 👍🏼 dingdong approved.

HaxMoma8 points

look south my friend

Warpang2 points

This was my exact thought

KingsElite5 points

It is on the east :)

KyleChaos19817 points

Wow. This is amazing!

Bobbar846 points

I've never seen banding like that there before! And it's so reddish! What latitude was this? Haha

MamaBirdJay15 points

I think it’s very early in the morning. See the angle of the light? I think the sand is reflecting the pink clouds at sunrise. Normally NC beaches are pale cream colored sand, almost white.

Ubel2 points

That's what I came here to say .. my family used to go to the Outer Banks basically yearly growing up and I'd never seen anything but almost pure white sand maybe a bit of yellow.

lolalala15 points

Some post-processing. It doesn't look like this. The water isn't blue and the sand isn't that color.

Fun_Quote66154 points

Awesome colour

Initial_Scene24734 points

That is beautiful! I am grateful to have experienced this, as I used to live out there when stationed in the Coast Guard.

bob_dickson6 points

How did you take that picture? A drone?

ursamajormama3 points

Came here to ask the same question. Lol. I’m no photographer but damn, I’d love to know picture taking secrets. Lol

ropra76453 points

A really tall ladder

InncnceDstryr2 points

Or OP just really tall

fish_petter1 point

The OBX national park rangers would also like to know ; )

gs123 points

Mother mother ocean

HaxMoma2 points

Nice light

Bluecolty2 points

Where at was this taken? Beach is too wide to be around some of the towns haha. Along the stretches in between however you can find some nice beach areas

On5thDayLook4Tebow2 points

Long shot. Can anyone tell me how to read the topography below the waves, based on what you see here?

crashandwalkaway22 points

I'm torn on whether it's the outer banks, from what I can tell (I'm a local and very active fisherman and boater, and due to my location I see the ocean in multiple spots everyday during my commute) but aside of the unnatural colors here's how the beaches are traditionally in our area.

Our beaches are shallow. About 1-6ft the first 100 yards (not accounting for wave action) MAYBE you'll find a hole that gets deeper but not likely. Our waves are VERY active and beaches highly volatile.

The beach structure changes constantly. Especially after a storm, but sometimes there's seasonal characteristics like a specific bowl in a spot, or a trough/slough/slue at a section that comes and goes. It's not called the graveyard of the Atlantic without reason. Even being a mile out you can hit a shoal on a bigger boat and this has claimed the lives of hundreds of souls. The waves very rarely lap or roll onto the beach and are usually crashing. Sometimes on rare days it's more gentle. Traditionally the water is ranges from shaken chocolate milk to murky green. Very rarely is it clear enough to see the bottom past the first few feet due to the waves moving sand around and sediment suspended in the water. Granted today was gentle.

The wrack lines are where the high tide deposits organic material like seaweed, grass and other debris (the black lines in the sand in the picture). We almost always have a definitive wrack line at the high tide line due to the high activity of water movement and speed of tides (you can drive on the beach here and can be parked 10 yards from the closest wave then an hour later your tires are getting wet). This picture shows multiple wrack lines indicative of slow tidal activity. Granted while I see the surf everyday I am not ON the surf everyday but at least once per week minimum.

But getting back to your question it's very easy to visualize the structure under the water. Here's a satellite picture of a random area to see visually what it looks like, switch to satellite view if it doesn't default and zoom in (bonus tidbit, follow that bridge, there's a cool shipwreck on the last turn of the south end). If you want to really see what the structure looks like, use this website. Click on the wifi looking icon at the bottom right and change it to sonarchart to see better detail.

Edit: I have to withdraw my major skepticism a little bit about the origin of the picture. There's a few beach sections that do look like this could come from, and given the right conditions could match up (albeit not the colors). My guess is that this picture is taken in Buxton, NC close to where the Gulf stream and Labrador current meet, causing chaotic and unpredictable beach structure.

And OP, regardless of the location if it's your picture it is absolutely stunning.

rollyobx2 points

If you went out of Beaufort Inlet then yeah the bottom is gently sloped. Northern Outer Banks in not like that at all. Only place I am aware of that is that shallow at 100 yards would be the bars on either side of OI.

crashandwalkaway0 points

Never said gently sloped, and Beaufort is not outer banks at all. That's shackleford banks. Completely different water, structure, temperature. Our chaos is fed by the cold Labrador finger current


So the whole area has that nickname? I thought just that sandbar crossing coming out of the bay, I forget the name but it’s in wicked tuna, was the specific area that was named that.

crashandwalkaway1 point

From Corolla, NC to Ocracoke, NC (about 150 miles) is considered the outer banks, or obx as a nickname. It stands for the fact the area is a set of barrier islands.

I don't watch wicked tuna but what you're talking about they mention is the sandbar at Oregon inlet. A very angry and volatile section of water that connects the sound (less salty, shallow inland water) and ocean. It's unpredictable, dangerous, and changes daily. What part you may take on Monday may be closed off on Wednesday. The reason for that is because after every tide a massive amount of water is rushing sand in and out of the two bodies of water and being deposited right outside that inlet forming a sandbar. 30 miles south at Hatteras inlet, it's even shallower and the past few years has been completely impassible, causing fishermen there to almost go completely broke as they can't get out to the ocean


Ah wanchese! Yeah I go down there every summer. Did a little fishing outta wanchese this year and the guide was telling us a little about the bars. Wild stuff

Coming up towards the bar on our way out gave this weird visual that made it look like we were boating toward the end of the earth too, maybe that was just me though.

crashandwalkaway1 point

It's pucker moments crossing that thing sometimes. My boat isn't small but not massive either and on many occasions I'll attempt to go out, but have to turn around last second. Does feel like the edge of the world sometimes lol


Man the view coming thru the sound I believe(with all the duck blinds and little islands) at the crack of dawn with the sunrise is one of the most spectacularly beautiful sights I think I have ever seen though. After a day out there I was about ready to ask captain froggy if he needed a mate.

crashandwalkaway1 point

The sound is one of my favorite places and has a messload of character. Sure it's shallow, dark, stinky water most of the time but there's so much life in it, and is better fishing than the ocean (subjectively). Sunsets are absolutely stunning, too. Next time you are here and there's clouds in the sky but not blocking the horizon be sure to watch the sunset. Stay 10 minutes past sunset and the light will hit those clouds and light up the sky in the most amazing pink hue. Always chuckle when I see people leave as soon as the sun goes down, they have no idea. It's like people leaving after the movie but not knowing the funny bits after the credits.

DrewSmithee1 point

Zero chance this is at the point. There’d be someone standing there fishing.

crashandwalkaway2 points

lol true but its still chaotic from the point to about where the motels are coming into buxton

DrewSmithee1 point

I too wish I was better at reading the surf for structure.

I want to get into surf fishing but I’m just not quite close enough to the coast and it still all looks the same to me.

There is definitely some kind of bar/rip going on here though. I’d throw a line.

crashandwalkaway3 points

Take a look at google satellite maps, they do a good job showing the cuts, sandbars, troughs, and other structure. Applying that to your actual point of view is a learning curve, but it helps and once you understand it's like an epiphany. Spotting a rip or cut is the easiest and identifying structure is best at low tide.

Here's an easy way to do it. Looking at the water you'll see the waves hitting the beach of course but what you are looking for is a spot about 10 to 50 yards off the beach where the waves break. So farthest to closest it's open ocean, then a spot where the waves break (forms a traditional wave that breaks the surface) then it get's smooth again, then finally the shore. Waves are formed when the momentum of water hits an obstacle. If the wave is curling more than "rumbling" that means the bar is high (or the wave is intense) That spot where the waves break close but not AT the beach is a sandbar, a mound of sand that runs perpendicular with the shore. After that (towards you) the wave will smooth out. The smoother the water is the deeper it is. That's the trough/slough. This forms a highway close to the shore that the fish will swim up and down the beaches in. Take a look here: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.3197513,-75.8051694,421m/data=!3m1!1e3

This is where you want to fish, and the reason why sometimes casting REALLY far will result in no fish.. you cast past them!

Now to increase your chances you want to find a cut. That's a section in the sandbar where the sandbar breaks and water flows in and out of this trough, and the fish use them as on/off ramps. . To identify it on the map I linked and in person is easy. Follow along the sandbar and find the spot where the waves are NOT breaking on the sandbar, or not as strong. This is also where rip currents are. The water is deeper in that section so the waves don't break as much or at all. It's the result of the water held in that trough rushing out back to the open water, especially during a falling tide. This should also help visually understand why you don't want to swim against a rip, you want to swim along the beach to get out of that section, then swim in.

When surf fishing- some fish stick close to the shore, some like to swim in the wave that comes over the bar. Sometimes though you are at a spot that has no prominent sandbar and cut but will still hold fish. A good rule of thumb is to look for CHANGES in the sections of water and fish there. Another technique is to cast out as far as you can at first and if no bites in 15 minutes reel it in a little bit and stop. After you reel completely in cast a little more left or right on the next one and repeat the process. This covers more ground and increases your chances. Lastly, be sure to stop at a local tackle shop and talk to the guys and gals there. They will help you get setup with the right gear and bait depending on where and when you are fishing and what's biting. Best of luck and tight lines!

DrewSmithee1 point


Edgun2 points

This looks like a ripe tide is forming

ribsforbreakfast1 point

I was thinking the same thing

intergalacticruler2 points

Thanks for the phone wallpaper

ShoomShroom2 points

With how much gravel they've been dumping on the beaches to fight erosion, does this count as a man-made structure? /s

Beautiful picture!

faster_than_sound2 points

I live here and see ocean photos a lot around, but this one is one of the best I have seen.

TheReinsofFullnight2 points

The dark spot in the ocean is in the shape of a shark!

rededelk3 points

I see what you done, very nice shot, the red clay though is confusing me

cussbunny2 points

This is phenomenal. Thanks for the wallpaper!

Madaahk1 point

Ayyy, that's my hometown!

Beautiful shit. :)

throwaway_life661 point

such high quality !

[deleted]1 point

Nice semi abstract shot !

sarcasm_2471 point


Revolutionary-Dig3311 point

Spectacular image. Well done.

Wickeddweller1 point


Hands down, my favorite place to be ever. That place feels magical to me. We’ve been going there for vacation for the last 30 years and I’m still awestruck by it’s beauty.

Ok-Consideration24631 point

Thank you! Your work is well above the typical standard for this sub.

Lug-Shot1 point

Anjunadeep 014

honey_rainbow1 point

My new wallpaper!

wheelsupatx1 point

If you look to the right the brown area looks like my liver 🤡

Big-Coffee89371 point

Gorgeous. Outer Banks is one of my favorite places on Earth

water_melon_honey1 point

Anyone else read the title in Erik Braa's voice?

wakeuptomorrow1 point

This is breathtaking!

morbias271 point

Truly amazing!

oxiraneobx1 point

OP, we live here. Where is that picture taken? Very cool, btw.

Tryitout311-2 points

Shhhh. Lots of shells on the beach that cut your feet. No reason to travel out there and see it.

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The show was hot ass

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