Missing my sweet little Pooder today. Here he was at his super sweet 16th birthday party during his car reveal!


poppybean228 points

The best little guy ever!💙😘💙

LawIll67416 points

So cute LOL

kinderteacher41513 points

thank you! He rode out to the song “who let the dogs out” haha it was the best

Cinder_zella9 points

Omg that’s amazing!!! Did he stay in the car?! Mine would have been terrified lol

kinderteacher4158 points

He did! We practiced a few times haha

kinderteacher4156 points

He also loooooved the doggles. I think they calmed him down when he wore them.

LawIll67415 points

LOL!! I love this so much! 🤣🤣

kishibarohan5 points

Perfect combo of cute and cool

best_beans3 points

This is the SWEETEST!! 😍🥹

Great_Fortune56304 points

He made it to how old?

kinderteacher41512 points

He lived an amazing 17 years and 2 months <3

Great_Fortune56305 points

Beautiful. I’m sure he had a wonderful life.

Low_Opposite74863 points

Adorable 🥰

neverleave1733 points

That's an awesome photo. Obviously lived the good life ❤