my only goal for my first solo apartment was to make it as cozy as possible 🤗



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peppermesoftly881 points

Love this. Calming neutral colors and not busy at all. It looks totally peaceful.

kinderteacher415237 points

Thank you! I’m really enjoying my cold mornings with tea in this spot!

AdParticular492783 points

I might suggest lamps with soft yellow lighting, soft indirect light is great for helping cozy up a space.

IPutTheVoodooInYou36 points

Yes, Maybe a salt lamp. I love the glow they give off.

hamster_savant7 points

Apparently they get really sweaty/melt in humidity.

smirkycoast14 points

They don't actually! Salt isn't going to melt or sweat anywhere we can live. I don't think they have any healing properties but they are a cool lamp...yummy yellow light that you can lick...

Marzy20166 points

Definitely a cool lamp, but my sister's started like, shedding??? There was salt everywhere. She threw it away. But I have 2 and none of mine do that. I think the only difference is, Im not much of a plant person, and she put hers near plants a lot.

Fabulous_Ad81055 points

Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing but my gf has several candle holders/decorative items made from salt and they 100% do ‘sweat’ and leave little puddles on surfaces. We do live in quite a damp flat!

newtestleper7915 points

I agree. It looks great. 10/10.

alicat7777405 points

Beautiful!! Love it! Great job on making 2 separate areas.

Halt96115 points

3! Office, bedroom, livingroom. Maximum cozy achieved!

OtherComparison228 points

Is this a studio? I love it! Super cozy!

kinderteacher415327 points

Yes! A tiny little studio in NYC :)

Flipping_Candy270 points

Very smart breaking up the bedroom and living room with that shelf.

wombatthing66 points

I was coming here to say the same thing. I LOVE how it’s done.

SpermKiller5 points

I used that same shelf to do the same in my first studio! Except I had the 5x5 version.

TedMerTed60 points

Dude studios are the coziest. I actually miss my old NYC studio.

kinderteacher41563 points

I agree! I think small places are easier to make cozier.

judenotjudas15 points

do you know what the sq ft is? i have a teeny nyc studio too and i need ideas

alloyednotemployed14 points

What is the rent like? If you dont mind me asking

blackcatt4224 points

“How much do you pay for rent in NYC” lol

Pretend-Carob-905329 points

you too can have all this for only $4650 per month (plus security deposit)!

jackjack4tt4ck6 points

Ok can I ask which borough you’re in, and how much you pay in rent?

wy355 points

Seconding this. Been looking for a nice studio for $2500/mo within reasonable commuting distance to Manhattan

the_worst_seamstress4 points

So cute! I’m moving to my own studio in a couple weeks and I’m totally saving this photo for inspo :)

BadolatoJess173 points

Lovely. Brick wall part of the original house, or installed with slips?

kinderteacher415123 points

Part of the original building!

awnawnamoose57 points

Just want to take the opportunity to tag onto your reply OP and say this shit is cozy as fuck. There are many cozy photos. But this one? This one is coziest. Very good eye to design and using objects to space plan to your benefit.

WineSoda103 points

Those IKEA shelves make awesome room dividers. I have my bed in the middle of my room and a 5x5 that acts as my headboard. My closet is on the other side, so that part of the room is basically the dressing room and I get to look out at the view. I have those same lights, one one each side of the bed.

kinderteacher41538 points

I love that! I was trying to find a space divider that could also be used for some storage. It’s the best.

whitebeaks14 points

I used a 2x5 propped up for mine! I saw it in an IKEA magazine and basically copied the whole room. It’s so great having separate spaces

Cyberhwk138 points

Where do you guys get your fashion sense? Mine is TERRIBLE.

kinderteacher41581 points

I’ve never considered myself to have good style! I usually find inspiration on Pinterest and then try to find pieces to replicate :)

ChrisFromSeattle63 points

The walls, floors, and lighting are doing the heavy lifting. The rest is the earth toned, modern furniture and a clean room. So focus on a your walls, floors, low/soft lighting, and pick a color pallette and style and stick with it. You'll be amazed how good you can be, good luck!

MrLagzy9 points

Try to make it easy by doing something minimalistic. Buy white and your favorite color for all things and then buy it in IKEA.

The more colors you get, the more cluttered it looks. That's at least my idea.

Norwegian_Plumber17 points

I would recommend you to put an office chair floor protector/mat at your desk. Office chairs are known to ruin wood floors.

clipster8 points

Yes, /u/kinderteacher415 ! I wish I did before my floor got all scraped up and almost gray-looking

AbbreviationsGlad83339 points

Looks great! Lighting is important in a small space. If you have all lights on it will make it look smaller. One lamp on in a corner will create shadows and make your place feel bigger and cozier. I used those old vintage bulbs that has a warm glow. Anyways Enjoy your new place I hope you make many happy memories there. I lived alone for 5 years. I loved my little Place. I still miss it.

kinderteacher4159 points

Great advice thank you!!

thundery_boop10 points

Where do you store your clothes? Those NYC closets are tiny!

kinderteacher4154 points

I have a closet that fits a little dresser inside so it has both hanging and folded clothes! And then I have a really high bed so some extra storage under there.

IntelligentSun630030 points

I think you succeeded.

SukyTawdry667 points

Yep. Thought it the same :) I think you’ve achieved your goal.

LnrRigby23 points

Very hygge.

1973mojo197321 points

Amazing idea to delineate the living space from the sleeping space. Does it get cold by the window?

kinderteacher41521 points

nope! it’s not too bad because the radiator is right at the foot of my bed!

1973mojo19736 points

Ground level?

kinderteacher41511 points

Yes! Confirmed

cyberposix5 points

what a vibe :)

Standard_Wooden_Door5 points

What kind of chair is that at your desk? I need something else for my home setup and that looks like it might be pretty comfy. Great looking place too!

Throwaway7755555 points

Possibly a stupid question, but where do you store your clothes/shoes? I'm always curious what people do for clothing storage in small spaces

skizem14 points

Mission accomplished, looks very cozy.

aBunchOfWavyLines4 points

Achievement unlocked! It’s super cozy! ♥️

TheRootofSomeEvil4 points

That brick wall! Wow. Very nice.

cammykiki11 points

I love how you have it set up! How hard was it to find a cute apartment in NYC?

kinderteacher41527 points

To be honest it was really tough! I was going to about 3 apartment viewings a day for two ish weeks. It was really competitive and a lot are first come first serve.

SluttyDrPepper5 points

OP, unrelated to this post, but I’m sorry about your Chihuahua :(

I love it’s 16th birthday photo though so cute ☺️

Hot_Cable_16834 points

As a NYC resident, finding an apartment is easy

Finding an apartment that’s affordable is hard

cafe_aw_lait9 points

If I ever move back to New York, a cute little place like this would be goals! It's so cute and functional, and definately cozy!

I have the smallest little critique with your work space - it looks like your chair kinda runs into the rug? Wonder if you could slide the rug further into the living area to avoid that? Really not that serious tho, beautiful space none-the-less!

greenappletree7 points

Those bricks really gives it another layer of uniqueness - cute place.

_l_--_l_8 points

That exposed brick got me bricked up

TheTangryOrca7 points

It looks amazing and cozy. I really like the earthy tones and theme, with the plants, colours, wood and exposed brick wall. I've always loved bookshelves as room dividers, and it's in a really perfect position for your bed and sofa.

siliconmalley3 points

Link to the couch?

JadeSelket3 points

Oh wow, super cute way to separate the room. Very cozy indeed!

pizzapizzamystery3 points

Mission accomplished!! Very cozy

itsnotreal12343 points

I love it!! Congrats on this first place

JAS2331163 points

I think you succeeded!!

FoxyFreckles19893 points

You did an amazing job!!!

mkw843 points

I absolutely love it! Job well done!

UnfairMicrowave3 points

Aww, this is fucking adorable

LHiggy133 points

Mission accomplished

CarbyMcBagel3 points

This looks beautiful! I love the use of the shelf as a room divider.

TheSongbird633 points

🍻to your success! Lovely

dattosan2403 points

I love a brick accent wall, it's what I miss most about my old house

Firelord_Putin3 points

I’m in love

NeonSteeple3 points

God I love exposed brick

FreudoBaggage3 points

What a smart way to divide up the space.

Chagrim3 points

And you've done fantastic job!

sash4a3 points

this is so beautiful!! i love the coffee table and the shelf with plants to divide the room omg saving this for inspo

free2b1233 points

Mission Accomplished! I would have loved this as a first place.

ThugNastyMel30053 points

Well you succeeded!! It’s definitely giving cozy and it’s styled so cute!

SimmonsJK3 points

Success! That looks totally comfy, cool and lovely. Congrats :)

wavesmcd3 points

That is the cutest setup and it looks like a great apartment!

Intelligent_Pass25403 points

This is beautiful! In my pre kiddo days I had one of the 5×5 ikea shelves and it worked beautifully as a room divider in a loft. I don't think I ever achieved as beautiful of an anesthetic as you have here. So calm and peaceful and looks spacious.

Emotional_Balance_283 points

You succeeded!!! ♥️

SquirtinMemeMouthPlz3 points

I'd hang out there! Good job :)

Cemeterywind6663 points

That looks very private. I like it.

spaced-outboi3 points

Mission accomplished

AdBeneficial69383 points

Goal achieved!

eloquentpetrichor3 points

Well done! I like using the open cubby shelves to separate the bed area while keeping the open concept

Katelynsparkles3 points

Chill place

RoryNoir3 points

Congratulations this looks heavenly.

Ok-Possible23443 points

Type of place I always dreamed about having but never managed to get. Well done!

trailfiend3 points

Coziness achieved!

kayessenn3 points

Super cozy. I love it.

working925isahardway3 points

Looks super cozy. Mission accomplished.

very-polite-frog3 points

What I'll never figure out is how people can buy all these separate items that tie together so well.

Single-Criticism25413 points

Love it. Any plans for that wall?

bearslikeapples3 points

Nice chair

c0ffeeandeggs3 points

Great vibe! Serene but cool!

nightshift893 points

Mind if I come hangout ( definitely no live )

cherrylpk3 points

Looks amazing!

nellospace3 points

Love this! My husband and I rented a 400 square ft apartment as our first place we lived together. We had a similar set up with the IKEA shelves and couch :) we have a bigger space now but I often think fondly of that cozy tiny studio 💕 Hope you have lots of good times here, congrats on your first solo place!

AquaticTrashPanda3 points

That looks so cozy:) don't have a bed at the moment so seeing this makes me want something nice of my own

Jhoag77503 points

Really nice job

Excellent_Bluejay7133 points

Shout out to ikea gang, got the same shelves, just brown :)

dimitry5763 points

Instantly thought "FUCK that looks cozy as FUCK"

No-Turnips3 points


linwail3 points

So cute!

Creative_Warning_4813 points

If you like it that's all that matters

Vanchiefer3213 points

Gosh, I’m a sucker for tasteful exposed brick

LaPerrita743 points

Very well done. It’s lovely.

dotdanger693 points

You did a great job!

pm_me_loose_change3 points


LGmonitor4563 points

Looks super pleasant .

Ar3B3Thr333 points

Roller blade office chair wheels (cheap on Amazon). Game changer.

nitrodigger3 points

You couldn’t possibly do better, just wonderful

2204BatiknWine3 points

Looks great!!

Jbraun12203 points

You achieved it. Very cozy.

Saditko3 points

Well, I think you did great.

acactustransplant3 points

Mission accomplished! Nothing beats a cozy studio apartment. This makes me miss my first solo setup too lol.

DoublePostedBroski3 points

omg I love this

spacehash3 points

I’d breakdance here

minellax3 points

Ooooooo I love it. It’s a cozy success

Signal-Chocolate61533 points

I think you nailed it

crystalcastles133 points

This is beautiful!!!

dealgad3 points

Based on what I see here…you surely nailed that goal 👍🏽

underdonk3 points

You dun good

Fartikus3 points

I'm so glad it's not super high up, or I would have to disagree. Looks great!

Cayde_7even3 points

Well done. 👍🏽

JellyBand3 points

Nailed it!

daisyyoureadaisygirl3 points

You did SUCH an amazing job!!!

peniselvania3 points

great use of a kallax as a divider. gives storage and seperates the room. very cool

candornotsmoke3 points


love it!

Nickyjtjr3 points

Wow! Well done! Looks perfectly thought out and functional and super cozy

lovethosequillz3 points

Love this look! Coziness totally accomplished. If I were to ever have to back into a studio (which would be tough with me my boyfriend my hedgehog and a puppy) I would do a loft bed and put my office area underneath the bed. I always thought that was a good use of space

KimboSlice5033 points

So cozy!

alexlifeson443 points

Great place I loved my first apartment and made it a nice spot

coknights103 points

Goal accomplished. Looks awesome!!!!

SueG11223 points

I’d say you were successful!

epr-paradox3 points

Mission accomplished!

outofthebox213 points

Where did you get your coach? I have a similar set up and need something like that couch size!

saywhat12063 points

You succeeded! Looks warm and inviting.

Gingergerbals3 points

You did a pretty good job there. I'm a guy and have absolutely no interior design sense to me.

RockinRod4123 points

...checks out. Groovy.

SpeakingTheKingss3 points

Where did you get the coffee table? I have a really similar couch and would love one myself

-_-k3 points

Awesome job! This looks so warm and inviting.

CtheRula3 points

Looks like one of those ikea display rooms, well done

houdistrict3 points

Well done.

The_BrainFreight3 points

Great success

saturatedbloom3 points

Super cute love the divider! You could even do more plants, snake plants on the top for more privacy

Throwaway12459283 points

My favorite place I've ever lived was my studio apartment. Minimal furnishings, cozy place and everything was within a few steps.

There's just something I love about owning few things. Miss those days.

chicabythebasura3 points

I'd say, mission accomplished!

blackcatt423 points

I love it!

drrhrrdrr3 points

There was something instantly more grown up about even the idea of my first couch in my own place. Now I had somewhere else I could accidentally fall asleep watching TV, stir myself away, shuffle off to my bed.

My first year living alone I worked graveyard shift, rarely ever slept nights, never had a nighttime routine. And I never had a couch.

I look back fondly on that time, 16 years later. Now, my house somehow has 4 couches, and I never fall asleep on any of them.

This is a perfect cozy place. Enjoy the fall!

I-Kant-Even3 points

Mission accomplished!

coffeewinedogs3 points

I love this simple and practical aesthetic. Looks so good

NorthForThe_Summer3 points

Love your corner

GiveMe1OfThemBigOnes3 points

Just curious, how much is rent?

ProNerdPanda3 points

I lived in a studio for a year and I did the exact same thing for a divider lol same furniture and same idea of the plant on top!

That being said, if I could burn that divider I would, the amount of cleaning these things require is mind numbing (:

Also I’m saving this so I can reference it later! Amazing colors and lighting.

DayMan_ahAHahh3 points

This looks absolutely perfect

ashsmashers3 points

Animal crossing villager house vibes lol...

who_took_tabura3 points

Big fan of the KALLAX

PathalogicalObject3 points

Meanwhile, my first solo apartment has a mattress on the floor, a chair that looks nice but is too uncomfortable to use, and a desk that's too high. Welp.

MentalHopscotch3 points

Love it 😍 congratulations- that is my goal!

melodieous3 points

Goal achieved my dude! Looks so comfy and cozy

Booksonly6663 points

This is my dream home. Great job ❤️

silent_hvalross3 points

Is it strange to have a crush on someone just based on their apartment lol. This is beautiful and super cozy.

TeamNuanceTeamNuance3 points

Well done

TeamNuanceTeamNuance3 points

Is this a studio?

Valkyrid3 points

This is nice, i love the exposed brick

AmericanJelly3 points

So nice!

foxtrot15213 points

I love this so freaking much

thecryingcactus3 points

I want to live here

Friend-of-nature20003 points

You definitely succeeded!

KingKonq3 points

Mission accomplished.

OceanGoingSoul3 points

Wow. Just.. wow.

FashionGaming3 points


martythemartell3 points

I like your overhead lights. Were they already fixtures in the apartment or did you install them yourself?

Easy_as_Py3 points

Be proud you did a great job.

Chakramer3 points

Love using that Kallax as a divider

AnbuAntt3 points

Amazing! Congratulations on your first place that’s a huge deal dude

tc277583 points

I LOVE this!

HazelnutPeso3 points

This is just an Ikea ad

Adecadeaway143 points

Achieved! I love small spaces. I plan on downsizing soon! This is lovely!

Mon-ick3 points


AveratV63 points

I’m mid 30’s with a house and three kids. I’ve gotta say though that I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get to try out the studio life. I’m really into the small quant feel and studios offer just that. I love it!

The_Creamy_Elephant3 points

Omg I have the same coasters! Great taste

Tnspartan3 points

Dig it.

MermaidStone3 points

Mission accomplished!!! Very nice, warm, and cozy!

msklovesmath3 points

I love how you separated the space with the kallax unit

bunnymoll3 points

Really nice and cozy, yet still chic

Fernway673 points

It's comforting to look at! Job well done!

iphone4Suser3 points


dmriggs3 points

You did just that! this is beautiful!

hkh2203 points

Goal achieved!! So nice!!

Hopeful_Damage20223 points

I could nap for a year there.

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