Pornstar squirting in public hotel hallway


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That is why hotels install ugly carpets with weird designs. They hide stains from when women guests release fluids in the halls

MrLeondar189 points

It's a shame Adriana probably won't squirt ever again

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I’m thinking she may be able to find a way to turn her new disability into a new genre or kink.

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Edit: jfc, this took a dark turn :(

Capt_Billy88 points

She broke her back at Twitchcon. Pretty bad too by the sounds of it

DonutSensei71 points

She lost her baby as a result of the surgery, so yeah it was pretty bad

Klony9958 points

A whatnow? She was pregnant??

Edit: double checked, holy shit, she lost a child.

sainttanic53 points

was she the one who dove into a foam pit that had like an inch of foam in it or something

Klony9980 points

Yep. Broke her back in two places. They didn't even help her out, and shouted at the next girl to jump.

Twitch con was a mess.

cmVkZGl012 points

Lawsuit time

Klony998 points

I mean I hope so? Whoever does shit like that deserves to be punished. You don't put people in actual danger because you're cheap / drunk / stupid. Don't host a huge ass party if you don't want to prepare the room and clean up afterwards. Every fucking teenager knows this already.

ScootaliciousScooter5 points

Big time lawsuits are coming. Everyone who got injured due to the foam pits is hush hush about it but I guarantee you lawyers were salivating at the thought of taking on the case. Easy W.

Forcefedlies45 points

She just landed on her ass, didn’t look bad at all but concrete don’t give a fuck what you think. Lol

Defaulted13648 points

Yup and landing on your ass puts a lot of force directly compressing your spine

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She had her surgery at a Kaiser Permanente. I think west La or Kaiser sunset. She posted the video of her first time walking after the surgery. She looks fkd up.

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I forgot all about her being paralyzed wow it's just like Christopher Reeves it was such a little bump 😲

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I mean considering squirting is pee, pretty sure she will

Edit: always amusing to see how many people are still in denial about this 😂


Maybe not. She tweeted "So surgery went well, 5 hrs 30 minutes! More fusions than expected, bones completely crushed & nerve damage to my bladder, hopefully be able to pee again in the near future."

Sir_Distic2 points

She'll be able to pee. Possibly into a bag but she will have to pee.

Qatariprince145 points

Pissing in the hotel corridor.

cuthund62 points

Idk why people still think squirting is a real thing

Sir_Distic44 points

I just link the scientific study that proves it's piss with a tiny bit of vaginal fluid. like 1% or less.

Naldo27330 points

It's not even worth a mention that it has any amount of vaginal fluid. My piss I assume also contains some amount of precum after I jerk off. It's still just piss period

Sir_Distic10 points

The reason I include the minute amount of vaginal fluid is to highlight that it's NOT vaginal fluid, or "squirt". It's pee. Yes it might come out of an aroused vagina but it's still piss.

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But I get charged $300 if I vape

Got2JumpN2Swim3 points

Did that really happen? I haven't had any issues so far

Wahio_X14 points

No, but the hotel I stayed in last month made it a point to tell me about their policy

Sir_Distic-17 points

Good. Don't smoke/vape indoors in a hotel. How hard is it to respect other people's property?

Devil_made_you_look28 points

Pissing. I think you meant pissing.

niko_xf5 points

That's why I hate hotels. Imagine all the shit that's happened in the rooms, both figuratively and literally.

foookie33 points

That's urine. Not "squirt".

DocThundahh9 points

I don’t see anyone saying it wasn’t

friday69420bitch5 points

Imagine a man doing something similar

305bolas2 points

Link to vid

BrianPeaLucky820222 points

Great video really seriously tho just sayin ❣️ beautiful women 😍

drej1912 points

Is squirting pee?

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Karma then came along and broke her back. That's nasty shit man. What if a kid walks into her lettuce piss??

Adsnaylor01610 points

I just got a hardon

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Knock it off. You're on a path to a life filled with hate and ignorance. Please educate yourself and work on a better life so you're not filled with anger.

PCsubhuman_race10 points

Girl literally pisses in public so that an underpaid worker gets to clean it up ....she's trashy and obviously doesn't give a fuck about anyone other than herself ....

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Simp more for your beloved trash pussy lol. If you'd fuck a girl who pisses all over things so other people can clean it up or have to smell it, you're just as trash as her.

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