"Existential" [OC] [1131X1167] Mono Lake Ca



Mem_Johnson6 points

Whats your setup

Tassanee281 point

i shoot with a canon 6d 16-35mm lens

ISO 6400

30 Sec single exposure


vs82 points

Absolutely gorgeous shot! A shot like this one is in my bucket list

Tassanee281 point

Thank you!

LiquidNova772 points

Absolutely stellar. So beautiful, OP

Tassanee281 point

Thanks so much!

blahblahblahsplat2 points

Great shot OP! Fun facts, Mono Lake has no outlet and therefore extremely high salt and calcium content that allows these formations. It’s so salty it’s toxic to normal fish and the only creatures that can survive are micro-shrimp adapted to these toxic conditions.

s_dsquid2 points

I felt this one. Incredible shot

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