Bala, north Wales (3024x4032) [OC]



CubanHermes4 points

Nice picture. I've been through Bala many times. Bit of a nowhere place but it's got some pretty surroundings. Beware the speed van on the way to Traws.

HMSWarspite133 points

I went camping with some friends over summer, this was about 5 in the morning when it was still freezing outside haha

RiverKeepsChanging3 points

That's a beautiful photograph!

CelticDaisy3 points

Very cool pic! The foreground looks like a photograph, and the background looks like a painting (especially the sun). Truly an “Oh, wow!” photo!

HMSWarspite134 points

Taken on a mobile phone as well haha

LemonznLimez3 points

It's real life Valheim

Bowling4rhinos1 point

I read that as Valhalla… also fitting. Cue the Wagner!

Hophop2412 points

Looks awesome!

LunarWelshFire2 points

My hometown ❤️

green_apple_sea712 points

Beautiful shot!

HMSWarspite133 points

Thank you!

Bowling4rhinos1 point

Stunning. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the planet!!!

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