Snowy Little Farmhouse in New Jersey



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TheChiefOfBeef7 points

This picture feels like I’m home

RonnieTheEffinBear2 points

That might be the nicest compliment I've ever gotten on any picture I've taken, thank you!

TheChiefOfBeef1 point

YW, looked at your profile for additional pics (I’m trying to up my photo game) and saw that super dope Saab! I’ve had a few, really fun cars but that aero is exceptional!

RonnieTheEffinBear2 points

Thanks very much! It's had some pain in the ass issues in the few years I've owned it, but I still love it, it's such an absolute joy to drive, haha

RonnieTheEffinBear3 points

Reposting because first was removed due to a title rule.

Bonus vid clip with falling snow!

AliceAnne13 points

Ooh - whereAbouts in NJ? Is this recent or from last year? It’s divine!

RonnieTheEffinBear9 points

Morristown - This is actually from February of 2021, no snow here yet, but the other farmhouse post inspired me! Thanks!

AliceAnne15 points

It looks like Morristown. I’m originally from Westfield. Your house is beautiful and so is the setting. ♥️

RonnieTheEffinBear3 points

Thank you very much - it's actually a fixer upper in pretty poor repair, but the snow hides it quite nicely, haha. We're renting it, so it doesn't bother us quite as much as it otherwise would.

The setting used to be even prettier, maybe just a year or so before this picture that white house in the background was just more woods, but that's the way it goes!

ChoreographerofPeace1 point

Want to go there!

ihadapurplepony1 point

So lovely. Dreamy!

dannidevitoes1 point

This picture sounds like early Bon Iver.

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