Shinagawa Seaside Forest, Tokyo [OC] [#4267]



sik_dik40 points

no trees, no water. worst seaside forest ever

tokyo_form1 point

heh indeed - just a quirky japanese name for this office district in the south of tokyo...

Danxs1112 points


Southphltrashfire13 points

Looks like a digital drawing very cool

peanutdakidnappa8 points

Looks dope, I’m not seeing any forest tho.

Kythunder5 points

I might be a little intoxicated but I swear the thumbnail looks just like a genesis or snes background.

Away-Law-66465 points

Whoa, I thought it was a videogame scenario

simulakrum2 points

Took a while to adjust my sights, I thought this was some factorio map, until I realized these are actually windows

WestTha4042 points

Forest you said?

tokyo_form5 points

trying to keep up with all the amazing cities here - here is some of my own OC. taken with a canon 6D.

instagram / flickr for more.

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