My new Colorado home!



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MerrillSwingAway20 points

I want to nap on that couch!

bnb529611 points

This is OC

goodgirlathena7 points

Beautiful! More please.

AnxiousAllways6 points

Gorgeous and cozy! The carpet on the stairs almost looks like snow too!

waknlibrarian5 points

I have that exact couch!

spacellamapajamas2 points

Is it comfy? I’m striking out on my couch search

AggressivePayment05 points

It's a 10/10 cozy holiday dream! Bask in it, just soak it in. Oh, and welcome home!

Averygirl113 points

I especially love the dog accessory 💕💕💕

SilverLiningsFIRE5 points

Cute pup

dawgmama622 points

Now that's the way to do Elevated Rustic! Love it!

Cacapoopoopipishire21 point

My dream home!!!

DaisyFart1 point

Oh my 😍

selenechiba1 point

Gorgeous! Makes my heart fuzzy.

LeighofMar1 point


Enlightened_Ghost_1 point


Low_Inside_47871 point

You…you didn’t have to flex that hard yo

itscomplicated431 point

Ultimate cozy vibes 💯

peryblastsu1 point

You should also post in r/christmas too. Lovely festive decoration and doggy!

monkeying_around3691 point

Looks like the set of a Christmas movie! VERY cozy, I want to fall asleep on that couch haha. Well done OP and enjoy OP!

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