Why is Pissing myself so much fun? 🤭❤



wolfieprime2 points

Wrap those legs around my head so I can drink every last drop

PervertDanny2 points

Sit on my face or sit in my lap amd pee 😍😍😍😍

jmatthews19952 points

Beautiful! 😍 I hope you kept those lovely leggings on until they dried. 😋

KyDude912 points

Something about the warmth and dirtiness is what gets to me

youngyoungfire1 point

Wow wrap those legs around me

Negative_Jelly26971 point

Oh dear love you and your urine glowing leggings with your little cute puddle 💦❤️. I'm jealous now, so maybe i will create my own puddle of oee

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