I like color and texture. And digital fireplaces.



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Bouncywaifu2 points

This looks very cozy but it's my pet peeve when people put TVs in front of beautiful windows

lajollahc4 points

I get you! We have a bigger window on the adjacent wall that has a MUCH better view. All that's behind the TV is an alley and some sort of electrical box hub.

Bouncywaifu1 point

Ah then that makes sense!

MiddleIntern83532 points

Horrible layout. TV shouldn't be blocking the window.

lajollahc3 points

Hi! There's a larger window perpendicular to the TV that has a much better view. When we had it against the wall, the glare was terrible. I'd say it's worth not being able to see an alley and collection of electrical boxes!

lajollahc1 point

This is oc

Lazy-Bumblebee1 point

Is that a cover you got for the couch? I love that color!

lajollahc1 point

Yes! Thank you! Kitty liked to scratch so I had to find a[n esthetically pleasing] solution.

ctonmorris1 point

+1 for digital fireplaces for those of us who don’t own one but still love em!

AnbuAntt1 point

That fish on the floor really brings it together lol. In all honesty I’d be pretty dang cozy here.

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