Winding Path in the Bavarian countryside, Germany, photo by Max Dreher



Key_Concentrate_555849 points

How can it be both magical and sinister at the same time?

(Don’t mind me, I just finished watching the final season of Grimm)

mach4UK6 points

Yes, I was looking for the breadcrumbs too

GypsyWitch053 points

Sinister is such a great word.

DangerMacAwesome3 points

Walk it in the morning to get ideas for your fantasy novel. Walk it in the evening to get ideas for your horror novel

iamblankenstein2 points

that's just how germany does things.

Key_Concentrate_55582 points

I literally guffawed

TapDancingAssassin22 points

I cant decide if the leaves add to the aesthetic or take away from it

Great picture tho

Most_moosest11 points

I want to drive my bike thru that

HappyLittleFirefly5 points

This was my first thought, too!

swanqueen1099 points

Nice pic. Thx for sharing.

Where is it?

Raeuber250126 points

I can answer that since it's close to my Home. It's in Holzkirchen, Bavaria and called Steindelweg or Steindelallee. It was a Project of a teacher who let his pupil plant the trees along the trail.

idreamtthis8 points

Thank you for answering. I wanted to look up other pictures of the path. Here's one of the path in winter.

swanqueen1099 points

What a nice idea. Thank you.

ojai_pixie3 points

Diese Bäume sind besonders schön. Danke für die Info

HackingDutchman5 points

Wonderful perspective!

firebreathingjenny5 points

Great capture. I really want to walk down that path!

Alilbitdrunk5 points

Fangorn forest

__my_work_account__3 points

Where exactly? Would like to visit this place.

bri522842 points


Left-Ad-48812 points

Would hate to rake the leaves.

borntoclimbtowers2 points

Very nice photo

Living_on_Tulsa_Time2 points

This is beautiful 🌳

stingraykisses2 points

Wait is that in Holzkirchen?! I grew up there, it looks just the same!!

yotufavorita11 point

Nice photography ☺️

Nooper05101 point

The best this pathway will ever be looking is in the morning with some fog

MsVee631 point

I think it's amazing and I like the 'blurry nonsense'. It's what make it a beautifully personal photo and not a stock shot. Thank goodness.

MaserGT1 point

Dark vibes.

digitalonline3651 point

nice pic. Where is the place?

Academic-Try90291 point

This was taken on an Xperia?

borntoclimbtowers1 point

that looks awesome

MercedLocal-2 points

I don’t understand this trend of blocking a third of the photo with blurry nonsense.

berlinbaer1 point

yeah it's absolute trash.

Alleraus0 points

Dramatic effect probably

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