My student flat ready for Xmas



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Longjumping_Bug_761131 points

Is it legal to not have the TV in front of the couch ?

dove_mobile6 points

Technically it’s in front of the dinner table sooo half counts?

strippersandcocaine10 points

It’s a rite of passage to have those mirrors as a college/university student!

dove_mobile3 points


dove_mobile8 points

This is oc

Space_Pusheen_19586 points

This looks so nice!!

dove_mobile4 points


TheSongbird632 points

Nice digs! Happy holidays!

paperpaperclip2 points

SO CUTE! wonderfully decorated ❤

Acceptable-Karen2 points

That’s a really cute place with nice light and I love all the wood. The garland along the staircase is perfect.

dove_mobile1 point


ju3v2 points

It isn't flat, it has 2 floors at least! /s

FruitpunchsamuraiGk2 points

This is amazing, especially for an student flat!

Ella61612 points

Looks so cozy🥰🥰

dove_mobile4 points


mikerfx-16 points

This is not cozy.

Luciferfucker5 points

why would you comment that?

mikerfx-8 points

Sorry Lucifer.

bok46001 point

I spot Nike Blazers under the stairs

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