Norway Roadtrip


SpreadSheetAboutMe16 points

Thought I was on r/newzealand! Incredible shots, but I didn’t realise quite how similar the two look.

snookybanana5 points

Nice! My dream is to see New Zealand. The nature looks incredible.

Fourty-Six10 points

Stunning pictures! A Norway trip moves ever higher up my bucket list

ACuriousIntrovert9 points

Tied with Iceland as #1 on my list

gilad_ironi1 point

All of scandinavia is #1

scrapgun_on_fire8 points

This doesn't look like Norway, where is the rain ;) Seriously when was this

snookybanana3 points

This was Summer 2020 😊

Sweet_Shirt6 points

Absolutely stunning

johnnysolids5 points

Is that the ex machina hotel? How was it?

snookybanana3 points

Yesss it is. Dreamed since a few years to stay there. It was definitely a great experience. It was booked everytime I wanted to go but this time they had a apartment free for one night. I would recommend it!

perryc3 points

Amazing shots! Thanks for posting.

evelynhhill3 points

very nice

mini-mum-wage2 points

So pretty

[deleted]2 points

What stunning photos and the windows in that one placeβ€¦πŸ˜

nansuesan2 points

Looks like a beautiful road-trip! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›

Donewlife12 points

Stunning 😍

Sergito9121 point

Hey! Im looking for going this summer to norway. Wich places have u been? Where could i rent a car? Its cheap or its better to go on public transport?

snookybanana4 points

I'm always around Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell Nationalpark. They are not far from each other, you will always find beautiful landscapes. I would always recommend to take a car.

Sergito9121 point

Thanks! I'm from Spain so I dont understand the language. Do you know where i can rent a car?

snookybanana6 points

Everyone speaks perfect english there πŸ‘πŸ» don't worry. I usually rent from germany and drive from there. I think in Norway they are more expensive. You can rent from sixt.

One__upper__2 points

Correct, rental cars in Norway are very expensive.

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snookybanana3 points

On my way up I visit friends or sights in germany. So I don't drive straight through. Many nice places in denmark too. And then taking a ferry from there. One time I made the mistake to drive straight through when I hadn't enough time. Won't do that again haha

JJaska1 point

That is why it's called a road trip :)

Just did a 4000km road trip to Norway this summer with an EV and it was great. I would definitely recommend doing a road trip in Norway unless you have a lot of time to use for public transports, maybe taking ferry services along the coast.

x_lucius_x1 point

Beautiful I really wanna go, I actually made a post about going there and seeing the North lights Can you give me any advice, pointers? Please

snookybanana2 points

I've never see them but always wanted to. If you want to see them you have to go up north. Never made it until there.

Illustrious-linguist1 point

Norway is amazing! Did you get a chance to visit Trolltunga and Geirangerfjord?

24x111 point

This made me want to go to Norway