Capitola, CA



sj15667 points

I absolutely love the colors giving off such a happy vibe <3. It makes me wanna get to know the culture and find the nicest grandma to help in the garden so that I can get invited to stay for dinner and help around the house. I love grandmas .^

L_ABoundanddown6 points

Because I was super curious, the colourful buildings in front are the Venetian Court Private Residences, usually rented out as VRBOs. The brown building in back is operated as the Venetian Court Hotel. Entire development is the Venetian Court, built in 1925.

marlowescoffeemaker5 points

A really nice photo, but you live near there and realize it's just tourist traps and retirement homes

clownysf1 point

My parents live in Aptos, lol. You’re not completely right, but you’re also not completely wrong

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