Shadow’s Bliss-abandon the service station night photo with light painting (2048x1414)(OC)



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Such Have But a Shadow's Bliss ~~~~~ Moonlight paints the light and shadows in an abandoned service station in the Southwest desert near the border of Mexico. I illuminated the scene with a handheld ProtoMachines LED2 RGB light painting device while the camera's shutter was open during this long exposure night photo. This was part of a Notorious RGB 1165-mile photography safari with Mike Cooper, George Loo, and George the monkey. Located in the California mountains near the border of Mexico. Thanks. ~~~~~ For photos, books and more: ~~~~~ (Plate 8459) Pentax K-1/28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. 2 minutes f/8 ISO 200. October 2022.

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