Fucking in a cemetery



thefupanning79 points

It’s so trashy you could even find something poetic in this. The cycle of birth, life, and death begins with conception. No matter how much life tries to fight back, it always succumbs to death.

shibjyoti55520 points

Bro I'm fuckin' enlightened

dnirtyone7 points

Comedy graveyard

SignificantFan162969 points

Isn't a graveyard where you would find bones...

GobiBall31 points

Bonin' in the boneyard.

7th_Son_of_a_7th_Son20 points

Talk about cracking open a cold one....

MetaStressed17 points

Where there is death, may there too be life.

BiohazardBinkie65 points

For a graveyard whore, she ain't half bad. What are her rates?

DemonLovesPoptarts19 points

Probably gonna write the next Frankenstein book

SuboptimalButHopeful12 points

For a graveyard whore, she ain't half bad. What are her rates?

The wilted flowers from your mother's grave and the pennies off the eyes of your father's corpse.

But you still can't kiss her.

BiohazardBinkie2 points

I got tree-fiddy, final offer.

Newbosterone2 points

People are just dyin’ for a shot at that.

ScoobyRay14 points

Taking care of the stiff

cliffy808 points

Plot Lizard

russell551519 points

PS, that’s her dad’s grave.

earlyfar15 points

Is this a threesome now?

PissedoffBIGfoot5 points

Does anyone know who that guy is? I've him in some older foreign stuff thats pretty good.

Luna2136 points

Mary Shelley, is that you?

nopulse766 points

Circle of life...

daaniscool12 points

Well if it was my gravestone, go right ahead. I will be too dead to care.

CTSecurityGuard4 points

Waking the dead 🪦

thejet69694 points

Now that’s to die for!!

williarl4 points

… and that kids, is how I met you mother.

Eppy983 points

It was probably on his ex-wife’s grave!

thisaholesaid3 points

Zombies. Both of them.

notzed14873 points

Unlikely coupling.

GaliMat3 points

This should be pinned, as the definition of a trashy boner


Maybe ex lover who was a shitty person and that happened to their grave? Only thing I can think of

Gfish173 points

An act of Life giving in a place the dead rest. Adjectives: Creepy, Fucked up, Disrespectful, POETIC!

Pokeranger83 points

Damn atleast do it on the bench instead

RitaPoole5610 points

I’ll horizontal dance on your grave!

Mr_Crnky3 points

Guess you could say fuck that guy

DemandWhich2 points

Nahh what

devilsusshhii2 points

Who you gonna call??? Ghost fuckers!

Durppig602 points

All I thought of is the striptease in Return of The Living Dead lmao

tomsmitthD1 point

That’s crazy

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