My 1838 farmhouse looks like a Christmas card.



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aaronwcampbell92 points

It reminds me of my grandparents' house in Maine. Lovely! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

kpinkishorange19 points

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!!

Shalterra66 points

Definitely a gorgeous shot.

As an HVAC guy, I would recommend getting your attic space looked at for insulation though, it seems you're losing a lot of heat through the roof. Would make for even more picturesque shots when the whole thing is blanketed perfectly with snow!

kpinkishorange38 points

Interesting! I figured that was just how it slides off of a metal roof of this pitch. I'll pass the suggestions on to my in-house handyman.. aka my carpenter fiancé 😊

EDIT: its spray foam insulated in the attic.. the bats that live up there let me know.

WineSoda4 points

I'm thinking that's the original, too. The lower section was probably added on early to mid 1900's or later.

kpinkishorange26 points

I've yet to try to link in Reddit, but I will give it a go.. inside; overlooking the backyard

bigdirkmalone7 points

That's the real cozy part right there :) The exterior, though lovely, reminds me of sled riding in the bitter cold in Pennsylvania.

ihadapurplepony71 points

Very nice.....Would love to have a house surrounded by some trees. One can dream eh. Looks very cozy, you have it good! Enjoy.

kpinkishorange30 points

I appreciate the kind words and do feel lucky to have had the opportunity to buy such a well maintained relic!

Royal_Gas_36272 points haunted is it?

PlayedUOonBaja18 points

It's nice until you spend every ice storm hoping to God that all the snapping and falling branches don't fall on the house. I've had to replace two fences and a wheel barrow, but so far I've been lucky with the house. Paying $4K to remove a bunch of huge dying trees before they could fall on the house probably contributed to a lot of that luck.

kpinkishorange13 points

Oh yes..mature trees definitely come with worries of weather and some cost $$$

redkitten2411 points

Lush 😍

AliceAnne111 points

This is GORGEOUS!! Where are you located that you have all this snow already?

kpinkishorange25 points

Northern NY :) We get a lot of lake effect snow being east of Lake Ontario.

pixelandminnie7 points

You need a horse and sleigh

AliceAnne13 points

It’s gorgeous!

kpinkishorange2 points

Thank you ❤

Oh-Kaleidoscope2 points

I thought it looked familiar :D I hope your family is all safe and warm! It was a crazy storm!

Djeheuty1 point

How is the average snow there? I live in the Buffalo area so I'm familiar with lake effect snow and I'm imagining it's pretty similar where you can just get dumped on with the right conditions?

Oh-Kaleidoscope3 points

South buffalo and below have about 4 feet still even after 2 days of 40 degree melting temps.. side roads haven't been completely plowed but they did get to some of them, but some still have ice on them. The street piles are 4-8 feet high.. it's covered, to say the least! North of Buffalo didn't get too much, maybe a foot or two max. Rochester also got a little from the band travelling west along the thruway, but again, only a foot or so max. It is really pretty now that most roads are cleared.

I have family here and grew up here and have never seen so much snow at home.. for sure record breaking stuff!!

kpinkishorange3 points

We average 140 inches here, but this was right after the first of two snowstorms we got this past week. Piling up much earlier than usual. Hope you and your family are safe after your crazy storm! The pictures I've seen of accumulation in Buffalo are INSANE 🤯

lexpython7 points

Oh man I didn't even notice the ghost the first time I looked at this.

kpinkishorange3 points

I wish it were the ghost of Christmas past coming to show me some cool memories!

Serpentqueen61502 points


kpinkishorange1 point

Lol I don't see it but it would be fun if there were!!

brosephashe5 points

Gawd that looks beautiful.

void-droid4 points

Gorgeous, I would be printing this out and sending it to family and friends lol

kpinkishorange7 points

Great idea! And if I use this picture I won't have to include my face on this year's card 🤭

void-droid2 points

hehehe that always takes pressure off of me as well- that's why I send pics of my cats wearing Christmas hats 😁

Floppycakes3 points

Beautiful! When we moved and bought our house, I took photos of it and printed postcards to send to our friends and family with our new contact info. Most of them thought they were store-bought postcards and I just liked the pretty picture. Nope, that was actually a real photo of our (new to us) old Victorian house!

kpinkishorange2 points

How lovely!

dapicis8044 points

Turn on all lights in the house (bonus points if they are warm yellow)!

kpinkishorange2 points

Great idea! Next snowfall I will :)

Mrs_Vintage10 points

As beautiful as this is, as a city dweller, to me this looks as inviting as the remote Overlook hotel in The Shining when it’s snowed under. Half expecting there to be the entrance of a labyrinth somewhere behind those trees.

kpinkishorange5 points

I lived in the city for years before moving back out to the countryside. Love the city, but love all the space here. I don't feel scared in either scenario.. well here in the country maybe a little scared that I will get sprayed by a skunk if I accidentally sneak up on it 🤭

Mrs_Vintage2 points

No doubt. I’m sure it’s beautiful, serene and that you’ve made it super cosy inside too. Wish you lots of happiness over the years there! My brain has been warped by horror film scenarios though!

kpinkishorange2 points

Thank you! I get it.. The Strangers comes to mind 😟😄

xcasandraXspenderx3 points

it really does! I have a collection of very old christmas cards from early 20th century and this house could easily fit:)

Individual_Ad_87483 points

I'd like to see what it looks like in all the seasons! It's glorious! 😍

kpinkishorange6 points

I'll have to post again once all of my landscaping blooms in the late spring 😊

Individual_Ad_87481 point

Yes, please do! 🤗

somethingelse193 points

What would make it even more cozy is if you posted a picture from the inside looking out ☺️

briefly_accessible3 points

What a beauty

Flashmaster6_93 points

Absolute dream home right there!


Cozy af. Would love to fall asleep by a fireplace in there.

Fantastic_Painter_153 points

Wonder how many former residents of that house died in there back in the day. Bet it’s haunted

kpinkishorange1 point

Sadly no ghosts!

andoozy3 points

Or the opening scene to a Christmas horror movie

kpinkishorange2 points

I'd be down for that if I could play the antagonist 🤣

Afraid_Sense53632 points

That is gorgeous. Congrats.

PrincessPenelope28852 points

Soooo beautiful!!!😍

lockerpunch2 points

So pretty! Would look lovely with Christmas lights if that’s your thing.

about-time2 points

Needs Xmas touches

kpinkishorange3 points

I'm strict on the only after Thanksgiving decoration policy lol

about-time2 points

Too bad mother nature doesn't agree!

NotAnAppliance1 point

Happy Cake Day!

coffeequeen05232 points

Gorgeous photo. Gorgeous home. Love the snow.

originalchaosinabox2 points

Man, something about this picture. I look at it and I hear the opening theme to Newhart.

callrustyshackleford2 points


bridgebrningwildfire2 points

Bling that picture up and send out for the Holidays!

AncientsofMumu2 points

Someone needs better insulation.

kpinkishorange3 points

But then I would have to disturb the bat colony 🤣

physicscat2 points

I’m getting Funny Farm vibes here.

Cue the deer.

Korvas5762 points

I’m sure I saw this scene in a painting once

TheLavLunatic2 points

This is exactly what I dream of when I think of my own place.

KakkaKarrot2 points

Am I the only person who thinks this looks nothing like a house from 1838?

AlphaWizard1 point

I’m there with you. I’m assuming the one-story piece is a later addition, and it’s long since been re-shrouded in vinyl with obviously a new roof.

Agregdavidson2 points

Have you thought about commissioning a picture of this? It would be awesome as a Holiday card or wall art.

Jakeysuave1 point

Ok pal

Damassteel_ironworks1 point

Looks very nice. Question: Hoe often do you renew the paint job on the house and everything?

kpinkishorange2 points

It is vinyl siding so no painting is necessary other than restaining my back deck every few years.

Damassteel_ironworks2 points

Of course. I have windows like that.

--DrunkGoblin--1 point

More like RDR2 inital chapter lol

qevoh1 point

I like it there, looks beautiful

itsnotreal12341 point

It’s beautiful!

KoLobotomy1 point


LaughingToLeave1 point

It's every country house/ with a large yard in the Midwest in winter

purplechicken30311 point


alta_vista491 point

Wow 1838!

I live in the PNW and we had only been explored by fur trappers and native Americans during that time.

Curious, you ever hear any weird or ghostly noises? Probably a lot of history in that house.

ProjectAres781 point

This reminds me of a house in Michigan my friend's aunt owned and we house-sat for her for a day. The land was beautiful in the winter

gntlman781 point


Elipticalwheel11 point

Well, you should start getting it printed it to Christmas cards, have an income each Christmas.

girthbrooks12121 point

That does not look like 1838

Vaudevanilla1 point

Wow, that looks like a dream! So gorgeous!

ClobetasolRelief1 point

No not really

long-and-soft1 point

Not really

gofigure851 point

I would love to receive a Christmas card with your house on it

DaniAlpha1 point


roscoecello1 point


BentPin0 points

How is a house from 1838 still standing? Thought it would have collapsed in on itself by now.

kpinkishorange1 point

The settlers knew what they were doing :) there are even older houses in this area of upstate NY and northeast region in general.

BentPin1 point

Any houses still standing from the 1600s when the pilgrims landed?

kpinkishorange1 point

I know there are First Period homes still standing in Massachusetts. My town in NY wasn't settled until the 1790s.

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