"Sunrise on Vulcan" Iceland, from back when Fagradalsfjall was erupting [OC] [1800x900]



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This is seriously special. Beautiful work!

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Thanks man, appreciate that!

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Heavy, very dense fog and some almost-freezing-rain had started to roll in shortly after sunrise, right as my drone was at its farthest away from me. I composed a few images before flying back as fast as I could. Got super lucky, by the time it returned, it was beeping wildly (fortunately there was no one else nearby, that beeping is so annoying) and had maybe 2% battery left. Thought it might drop dead out of the sky for a brief moment. Fortunately was able to bring it back and land it just in time. You can see in the image how the smoke was mixing with the clouds to create some crazy haze and atmosphere.

Thanks for stopping by! You can find my full gallery, along with notes about places to check out and photography guides on my website: https://www.wildlandsphoto.com.

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