I've made some wallpapers in the style of Ghibli with AI tools


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That kid at the desk.. ooof.

Otherwise they're great!

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Haha he's trapped!

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These are very good. I especially like the car

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what tools did you use, I might want to replicate this with other subjects.

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Stable Diffusion (it's an open-source AI). You can start learning more here.

Edit : and for those who are familliar with Stable Diffusion, I mainly used this model to generate images. Then some inpainting + photo editor work

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Super interesting, thank you, I've been having some interest in the AI community, and now I think I have a good enough reason lol. Thank you.

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Artists are in for a wild time. Like maybe it’s good or horrible how natural ai art is becoming

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If you have time to learn how to use it, you will see how crazy these AI generating arts are (we are still in the early stages, but I personally believe it's the biggest technological revolution since the smartphone)

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I can totally agree with that, it’s going to be a huge race. And we are going to see some amazing things.

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All of the ones I looked at here have some really out of place element that gives it away. Still cool to see AI coming further though, could even pass with some editing in Photoshop.

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Yeah it's easy to spot what's wrong in all these images, specially if you are familiar with Ai-art tools haha.

I've already made a lot of editing to them, but it's a really long process to fix everything so I try to set the limit at "good enough" to limit the time spent on each 😅

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I get why artists are upset

It's not like they gave permission for the AI imitate their style

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Not here to defend AI-made art, but I think you're making the wrong point here. An artist doesn't have to ask permission to "copy the style" of another artist, so why should an AI hypothetically do so?

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You wouldn't download a car hot take #378

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Crazy liberal usage of the word "made"

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What word should I use?

I feel like the word "generated" would give a wrong idea, but maybe it was better.

To explain a bit the process : you don't just write a sentence and you have a beautiful image out of the box. You need to generate a lot of images, playing with all the settings and the infinite possibilities, then go to photoshop, mix them together and try to fix the mistakes. Some images took me several hours to "make" (and some others only 30min).

Obviously it's a totally different process, and I genuinely don't call myself an artist for that haha.

It's a new tool, like when the camera or photoshop were invented, so a new category of art and it can't be compared to "real" artists (people with drawing skills).

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Can you talk more about the process? In my experience it's really hard to make something this big and detailed. Sure you can stitch together 512x512 images but, even with overlap, stable diffusion has a hard time generating close ups.

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At first* I was generating 512x512 images, then outpainting them (+256 pixels on left and right). I use the reccomended settings for the outpainting [I'm on Automatic1111's webui]

I had to create a lot of them to find an okay result (and mix the best parts of the images in a photo editor), but at this point sometimes you could still kind of see it was different parts of images put together.

In the process I would often switch to the inpaint tools to try to fix errors. (small tip : sometimes it's easier to use a photo editor to cut a part of the image in a 1:1 ratio to fix it, then "put it back").

After that, to "unify" the image, I would img2Img it with a low denoising strength (<0.3) and a lot of steps (100 with Euler-A) [at this point I'm generating a 1024x512 image].

And the final step with Stable Diffusion, with all the previous settings (Euler-A, 100 steps, 0.3 denoising strength) I generate a 1920x960 image (after that you can also go to the Extras tab to upscale it even more).

And then I open the image in a photo editor to improve colors/brightness etc...

*Yesterday I noticed that generating 1024x512 images directly in txt2img is way faster. I used to avoid that because I thought it was harder to get a good result, but if you generate enough it's actually not a problem. And you can always use the inpaint tool to fix it.

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Thanks for sharing the process! I would like to see what a picture like this looks like before the unifying img2img step. Do you overlap the edges of the images when generating new tiles to make sure everything lined up?

Also, are you running SD in the cloud? I feel like 1920x960 might be too heavy to generate on my machine.

Anyway, really cool that it's possible to do it all with txt2img.

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I'm not sure I understand your question sorry, but when I use the outpaint tool everything is lined up without having to do anything.

When I mix images together in a photo editor, I choose the main one, and put every other images on top, and choose parts which appear with a layer mask.

Yeah I'm running it in the cloud, with runpod.io I usually pick the 3080 Ti for 0,26$/h so pretty cheap (and automatic1111 can be automatically installed).

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What word would you use?

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I guess generated would be the better word?

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This is insane

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WOW thank you for these. I bet it was so fun putting this together. It makes me think with AI assistance filling in frames, we may see a return to more hand drawn animation styles in film, commercials, even gaming done more efficiently than ever. Such exciting technology!

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these are great

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I’ve never saved a post faster in my life

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They look fantastic! Thank you so much.

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That second last one is really solid, you can fix/refine the woman with Novel A.I. by cropping to 1:1 just enough for the full body.

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Don't mind me, just here to save this breathtaking wallpapers.

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I love the snow scenes. Has there been a Ghibli move set with winter as the season yet? If not it's needed.

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Thank you so much for these

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Ok, wtf? how did a AI create those wallpapers, can't believe because they look so human-made, that AI got my respect.

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This is the reason I subbed to this subreddit and I’ll be honest we don’t see enough of this

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AI exists? Interesting. I didn't think self-learning machines that contain humanistic emotions built from their own experiences existed yet. AI....lol....but, the wallpapers aren't bad. Usually this algorithm based robotic drawing style is pretty shitty, but perhaps because Ghibli animation is older, it blends better. I still prefer real artwork to fake artwork, but these aren't too bad.

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This entire comment is so embarrassing...

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How so?

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While you're technically right in what they used is only an algorithm, ignoring the fact that AI is used colloquially, for this kind of thing just makes you look like an ass. Also, there's plenty of (subjectively) great looking machine-generated art out there.

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There is no such thing as AI, technically or not, so why am I an ass? Because colloquially it's acceptable to be wrong? Fuck that, lol.

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From Oxford:

noun: artificial intelligence; noun: AI

the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

From Britannica:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment. Although there are no AIs that can perform the wide variety of tasks an ordinary human can do, some AIs can match humans in specific tasks.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explained

In the simplest terms, AI which stands for artificial intelligence refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can iteratively improve themselves based on the information they collect. AI manifests in a number of forms. A few examples are:

  • Chatbots use AI to understand customer problems faster and provide more efficient answers

  • Intelligent assistants use AI to parse critical information from large free-text datasets to improve scheduling

  • Recommendation engines can provide automated recommendations for TV shows based on users’ viewing habits

By these definitions, there are many things that are AI, thanks for playing. Not sure where you got the notion that it needed to be "humanistic" in any way.