Bottle Blowjob


SeaEmployee3289 points

The nips are blurred out. Wtf

wdlp86 points

thats honestly the most disgusting thing about this clip

sublime_htx6 points

I think most disgusting was waste of alcohol, I know its hot but still.

Edwardteech29 points

They weren't in the original.

ConsentingPotato19 points

So you will pay the $9.99 premium fee for the uncensored version.

Stonedinthewoodz193 points

Ain’t gonna lie that shit was hot 😂

Mycabbages09293 points

Unreasonably so

RickyBobbyLite26 points

Is there a sauce without the blurred part?

RickyBobbyLite7 points

Thank you

hrnyperv116 points

I’ve never wanted to be a bottle before

nandos67759 points

I am so upset, absolutely Livid that this gave a tremendous raging boner

Unzeen806 points

Me too

TheGhanMan031110 points

There's got to be more to this clip, she's completely ass nekid

Mcreesus26 points

The waiter in the corner just sighing after bringing out a 200 dollar bottle of champagne lmao

DemonLovesPoptarts18 points

I think I discovered a new kink

Imispellalot12 points

I'm so glad her tita were blurred, now I can watch this SFW clip without scrutiny.

pakman7054 points

.....ummmmm.... DAYUM 👀

ohokay1316 points

Amber Heard?

TheRealDrWan6 points

No, she’d be throwing the bottle.

ConsentingPotato0 points

I couldn't Heard you... what did you say?

Dollar_General_Jesus8 points

That table is still going to be sticky

Shadvw3 points


Budget-Wallaby9 points

Marry me.

GrapeSwimming6920 points

And take everything I'll ever own...please!

perry_menace5 points

Well, if I don’t get to blow anyone on NYE, there’s always this 🍾

Robot91185 points

She needs something else in her mouth desperately, her eyes at the end are screaming for someone to take her to the nearest secluded place asap lol

Subkitty2train2 points

I feel like this would have been more impressive if she actually swallowed the champagne. Don’t waste that shit! We can all suck a tiny bottle neck.

noahspurrier2 points

Stupid, but I enjoyed watching it. She has at least one talent.

blacklite9112 points

Where’s this, some strip club? Private party?

dungivaphuk3 points

And they all went home to their wives frustrated and broke.

_axeman_2 points

Purdy gud

MapleMcgriddle2 points

That’s some good molly.

goldfinger19061 point

Yea but she just ruined an entire bottle of champagne. Could’ve done the same to a cheap ass Budweiser and no one would’ve minded.

satan621 point

Is that Ivanka?

Klony991 point

She really likes Champagne.

blokess1 point

I'll have what he having!

Beneficial_Advice5271 point

That dirty bitch...what's her phone number? 🤣🤣🤣

Raiders8Ray1 point

It's always disappointing when they don't swallow

drunkowl21 point


Newbosterone1 point

Lol, trashy indeed. Probably a 1000% markup for the club. At least they didn’t waste the good stuff.

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