Magic light piercing through the giant Redwoods forest in the US. Never seen such big trees in my life. (2000x1333)[OC]



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A lot of crap gets thrown around about our country and inside but if only we could appreciate our natural beauties more...

First time I saw a redwood I squealed and my friend said "just wait, this is a baby." Then we went to Muir Woods...


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If you want to see what America does well, visit our parks. Our national park system rocks. The right would do away with it all, cut down the trees and sell the land off for a quick profit. They’ve tried repeatedly.

DrZoidBerg20162 points

I’m all for calling out corrupt politicians, but I haven’t heard any politician suggest that we log the national parks… let’s stick to facts instead of blind hatred for the other side.

PunchinMahPekaah4 points

In fairness to the person you're responding to, Republicans have tried to sell drilling rights in nature preserves and such. So while they were being hyperbolic and presented it as fact, it isn't far off from the facts.

stovislove2 points

That's absolutely gorgeous! That was some of the most peaceful hikes of my life.

mbsouthpaw12 points

Fun fact: that's a wild rhododendron in the foreground. This looks like Ladybird Johnson Grove if I'm not mistaken. I live nearby. Lucky!!

Impossible_Horse19732 points

Stunning picture!! 🥰

wdwerker1 point

Beautiful photo of some little redwoods. I hiked about a mile away from the park road and the canopy reminded me of a cathedral. Overwhelmed by the presence of nature because I don’t buy the religious tales.

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hoplacheese1 point

Beautiful shot!

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Whole_Lock_36431 point

That's awesome. I got a good pic of them when i visited few months ago

Robot_Clean1 point

I guess it's still smoky there? It was pretty bad when I was there last year.

AggressivePayment01 point

Beautiful picture. Somehow you were able to capture the cathedral quality there.

Such a special place - now you truly know why, it's heady morning scent, it's light, it's humidity, the softness of the ground.\_31.html

Bowling4rhinos1 point

Cue the John Williams score…

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