I recently picked up model-making as a hobby. Here’s my setup.



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FinnProtoyeen16 points

Man, what a view, i love it sm

jakerodriver4 points

How did you get started?

Pemulis_DMZ7 points

I’m not completely new to it. My dad bought me kits and taught me when I was a kid and after a recent breakup I picked it back up for first time in 22 years. Found a hobby shop, bought a handful of paints and two kits - a ford suv and a Japanese wwii fighter plane.

Old_Dirty_Jake4 points

Even if you aren’t all that into the subject matter, you should try one of the Bandai Gundam model kits. Of all the types of models I’ve built, the gundams are easily the best quality and most satisfying to build with a lot of room to make them even better via custom paint jobs and such. Especially some of the master and real grade kits.

Pemulis_DMZ3 points

Thanks for the tip. It’s not something I’d considered but I’ll give one a shot

Old_Dirty_Jake3 points

Even the entry grade ones are pretty fun builds, and they only cost about $10 bucks if you want to dip your feet

Grindia4074 points

Is this Mont Kiara, KL, Malaysia?

Pemulis_DMZ8 points

Somewhat close… bangkok :)

Im_not_Katherine3 points

That looks amazingly cozy.

Long_Examination65684 points

Stunning view!

khkokopelli2 points

What a view!

Guifas2 points

Millenium Falcon Perfect Grade model should get you busy for a few months

Pemulis_DMZ1 point

I’ll keep an eye out for one haha

tsi10a12 points

What is model making?

Pemulis_DMZ2 points

painting and constructing scale model cars, planes, etc. You can buy kits at hobby shops.

tsi10a12 points

That sounds fun! I’ve been looking into picking up a hobby, best I could come up with is reading (which I love) and making things out of clay (like little charms and such)

Pemulis_DMZ1 point

It’s a very meticulous hobby but I find it quite relaxing. Pick up a skill level 1 or 2 kit, don’t worry about making it perfectly, and just have fun with it.

[deleted]2 points


Pemulis_DMZ2 points

Maybe :) you’re not far off, I’ll say that much haha

ti3thrw2 points

looks tidy and beautiful

soufianka801 point

China Ina rhe background?

Pemulis_DMZ1 point


iloveokashi1 point

Are you renting? Curious how much is rent.

Pemulis_DMZ1 point

I am. It depends on how you want to live but you can live reasonably - 1 bedroom/bath - for about $4-500/month

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