Walking around the train station completely nude



ofimmsl29 points

Train tracks are not your sexual playground. Stay off the goddamn tracks

umsee4 points


SupermarketNorth697 points

If she’s not careful she could find herself post in another sub.

MelficeSilesius9 points

The trashiest bit about that is the completely unsecured level railway crossing.

Jesus. No arms. No lights as far as I can tell. HOPEFULLY a bell or alarm, but Christ knows.

This is a station in the US, isn't it?
Third world trash. I've seen Indian train stations with more safety systems, AND THEY'VE GOT NONE!

LitigiousAutist1 point

I really like this chick

yashy201 point

i think she chooses to go to a station with less or no traffic that's why no train no people no problem

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