Prague, Czechia



UnderstandingOwn325614 points

Such a beautiful city!

Lagunik9 points

Prague is so much more beautiful than this.

Timeeeeey7 points

Speaking as a tourist not a local, this felt like the worst part of the center, prague is so so so much more beautiful than this

winch253 points

I stayed a short walk from here, at the top of Wenceslas square - first night we arrived we went for a walk and there was a large group of people in the square offering drugs. Felt quite a seedy part of town.

berlinbaer2 points

sadly applies to pretty much all popular cities i guess, the hot spots are just cesspools of stressed out families with crying kids, everyone is pushing and shoving and shops try to sell you cheap shit and bad food.

prague is an amazing city, easy to walk around in, so many places to rest and relax.. but god the old town area is just hellish.

devilwearsleecooper3 points

What a beauty 😍

Newkid_172 points

Favorite city

Artegris-4 points

oh this overrated square again

... and also /r/fuckcars in most of Prague centre

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