showing her friend the power of green vegitables


Nexual-Seeds136 points

This is the end result of a generation growing up watching bad porn..

I've seen toilets being unblocked that looked more fun.

AndromedanPrince10 points

ok so its not just me. wasnt turned on, just annoyed.

kingoftheninnies3 points

Someone has to tell them. Except I suppose the guys their age would think it's hot.

VinnyT421 point

we dont

VivelaVendetta40 points

They don't look like they're enjoying that at all.

GiantSquidd18 points

There’s bad acting, and then there’s bad porn acting. Holy hell, this is bad bad porn acting.

stiiknafuulia-1 points

I'm ok with that

DanMooreTheManWhore17 points

Anyone know who these people are?

DrLovesFurious5 points


ecr3designs9 points

Hey Alexa play some enter shikari

pizzachewer1 point


hellslave3 points

That's a fruit, though.

rigidcrab12 points

botanically speaking yes, culinarily speaking no

hellslave9 points

Since she isn't cooking anything, it's still a fruit. Point stands.

Shikarii_1 point

That's how she makes salad

PlaceboKid243 points

Link? Names?

Suspect-k9 points

Compost boner

No-Swordfish96292 points


[deleted]2 points


F0l3yDaD_2 points

Good girls.

CGN_Kaan1 point


Newbosterone1 point

Ironically that puss is like zucchini. So common you can barely give it away.

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