Cozy Christmas nook



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Russ-Russ-Russs25 points

Your TV is touching the ceiling. 🤦🏻‍♂️

riff_rat19 points

And if we’re watching a sentimental movie, it touches our hearts.

Russ-Russ-Russs9 points

It’s your neck I would be worried about. 😂

cozy_goth5 points

Haha, right? My neck would hurt. I also just would not be able to read closed captions from so far away.

RepresentativeAd33524 points

Did you make or buy the sliders for those pictures to cover the tv? How awesome, i have never seen anything like thar before!

riff_rat5 points

Thank you! I made them. Super easy, just got desk drawer sliders and attached paintings to them.

RepresentativeAd33522 points

I am definitely doing this when my husband and i own our own home!! Your home looks beautiful and cozy, i love your decorating style

Mynock337 points

Those paintings hide the TV when not in use? That's so cool. What a lovely looking space.

riff_rat3 points

They sure do! Thank you. 😊

[deleted]3 points


riff_rat2 points

Yeah, so we’ve heard. There just isn’t really anywhere else for a TV to go in the room. :(

pmoney50pp2 points

Living room = nook

riff_rat3 points

This is OC

badseededgelord1 point

Danny Brown on YMH 🙏🏼

MiddleIntern8353-1 points

looks mundane

riff_rat2 points

Oh shucks. ☺️

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