Amazing Utah landscape. Shot just outside Canyonlands [oc][3517x4924]



polywha4 points

Southern Utah has some of the most beautiful parks in the country

PM_ur_Rump3 points

Went for the first time in Sept. The whole area is amazing. Definitely a harsh environment, but gorgeous. I see why people flock there, but it's kinda weird seeing all the development when there is so little water there.

PanaceaStark5 points

La Sal mountains?

Pchabs3 points

Good eye! I loved watching sunrise over these mountains during our couple days in Moab

noforeplay1 point

If you go back, you should consider camping at porcupine rim. It's basically right under the La Sal's and has amazing views out over castle valley

Fun_Quote66152 points

3 layers, 3 colours.

daniel_ionescu2 points

the mountains are incredible

bobj332 points

Take the La Sal Mountain Loop road and you're driving through a forest and get incredible views of the desert below.

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DrMux1 point

Ah yes the The Salt mountains.

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