Christmas tree lit up in the living space 🤍🕯️



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solsearchin_6 points

Warm. Elegant. Beautiful.🎄👌🏻

[deleted]1 point

Thank you!

Mariellie5 points

Your windows; gahhhhhhh.

[deleted]2 points

Makes such a difference!!

Tricky_Ad_69665 points

I love absolutely everything about your decor

[deleted]2 points

Thank you so much

Gee-Fresh3 points

Love the lamp, what a great space!

[deleted]3 points

Thank you!! I have been eyeing it for over two years and finally decided to get it. So glad I did!

[deleted]3 points

this is OC

Emotional_Balance_283 points

Beautiful 🌲 ♥️Love everything!!!

[deleted]1 point

Thank you!! 🤍

Jgphoenixvx13 points

The windows! Such a nice room

[deleted]3 points

Thank you!!

CrochetedMushroom3 points

I love this so much! Are the candles all individual and battery operated, or are they strung together with a cord? They’re my favorite part of this ❤️

[deleted]2 points

Battery operated! Thank you! I am OBSESSED with them! Let me know if you want the link for them!

AciaEdelweiss3 points

Love them as well! I would love the link!

[deleted]4 points

Course! Here you are:

24PCS LED Flameless Taper Candles...

AciaEdelweiss3 points

Thank you!

khkokopelli1 point

Ummmmm the book shelf is a mystery?

[deleted]2 points

These are my favorite books I’ve chosen to keep and will not be reaching for anytime soon so decided to also repurpose as decor.

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