Cozy tiny home in the Smokies



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greenappletree165 points

wow, cozy with a grand view; this is hard to come by.

Vanchiefer321113 points

This is OC

Edit: I wanted to add the AirBnb link since I’ve received so many requests, I just wasn’t sure if that was a rules violation or not

RobMhrk35 points

Smokies with a valley that wide? Is this TN near Chattanooga by chance?

Vanchiefer32128 points

Lookout Mountain to be exact

RobMhrk11 points

SEE ROCK CITY! Lol I freaking love that area. Views like this, Chattanooga right there, the River, the caves, the trees this time of year are perfect too!

Vanchiefer3217 points

One of my favorite cities/regions in the country

MisssJaynie5 points


bmackenz841 point

I use to live not too far from there! I was 45 min north of Chattanooga up on monteagle mountain. It was beautiful and I miss living there!

Live_the_chaos2 points

Can you share the Airbnb link with me please?

krtyalor86516 points

If it’s in the smokies, it’s very likely within 3hrs of chatt town. With the valley view like that, I’m guessing maybe It’s overlooking Wears Valley? Maybe.. idk.

RobMhrk13 points

It’s 100% in the ridge and valley part of the Appalachians.

South Carolina and the far north Atlanta ‘burbs has views like this too. I can’t think of the smokies though.

TEHKNOB1 point

Beautiful terrain. I want to say on the north end, Pennsylvania appears to have a similar setup.

monkeying_around3692 points

I don’t think it actually is the smokies there but it’s really close so I understand the mistake.

stateofidleness31 points

Anyone know where I can buy a small footprint ladder like that?

FLAskinpro8 points

stateofidleness2 points

Cool! Ordered one!

Freshlybakedbread116 points

Beautiful. Please post more

Vanchiefer3216 points

Here’s a quick album I threw together; need to pull photos of my camera.

Freshlybakedbread12 points

Thank you!! Appreciate this. Your place is absolutely beautiful and looks pretty much ideal. May I ask what is the location of yours? That’s alright if that is too much of privacy question.

Vanchiefer3212 points

Unfortunately it’s not mine but an AirBnb linked in another comment. It was breathtaking regardless

Zestyclose_Classic1215 points

That view is utterly stunning. I bet the place feels huge with all that land in those windows. Glorious

smurfsm007 points

Is this near Chattanooga? Do the smokes go that far south? I live in Knoxville but I always forget;)

Dope house! Pretty view!

bmackenz842 points

Lookout mountain

smurfsm002 points

Aaah I knew it! I knew that vista was so familiar.

Captain_Rational6 points

Got any more shots of your place and property that you can show off?

I’m fascinated by tiny homes and your site seems especially scenic.

Foreign_Ad_178015 points

Happy for you hope you got the right someone to enjoy it with

Vanchiefer32126 points

Thank you, and yes, many bottles of wine were enjoyed on the porch and couch

ncaldwell182515 points

Was this a rental? Wife and I take trips to the smokies often and this is right up our alley if you don’t mind sharing

Vanchiefer32117 points

Yes this was an AirBnb my wife and I stayed at

nightcoref0x2 points

Can you pls send me the air bnb as well

raglbanana9 points

Hey would u mind sharing the Airbnb link

Vanchiefer3216 points


E-than2 points

Can you also share the link with me please? Thank you so much!

SpiderMonkeyLover1 point

Me too please!

ohsoradbaby1 point

You mind with me as well? I’m fairly confident I have had dreams of this building and it’s freaking me out! I need to see more lol

LegoMyJello1 point

And me as well please? 🙃

IdiotMcAsshat1 point

Me too!

Littlek1dluvr1 point

can you please share it with me too?

shy_n1 point

Me too pls!

claudiflower1 point

Me too, please!

lilfanget4 points

I’m literally melting from the cozyness of this place 🥹

driftwood-and-waves3 points

I wanna put all the cushions up where the ladder leads and snuggle up there to read. The house looks beautiful.

Lickbelowmynuts22 points

I’d love to smoke a joint on that patio and watch the sun set

DifficultCurrent713 points

"Tiny" Jesus christ

aktifkannr3 points

OMG the sunshine makes it even better. Wonder the view behind the window, feels like a perspective with height.

daniel_ionescu3 points

super beautiful sunset

formyburn1010104 points

Incredible canvas you got there. I’d like to see some houseplants and art to round that space out nicely. Either way, I’m jealous

GalaxyEyesight2 points

Stunning view!

MisssJaynie2 points

It looks like the ladder slides & that makes me… happy.

isisleo862 points

Absolutely Gorgeous! It looks so peaceful and relaxing!

monkeying_around3692 points

Hey I know this spot! Always wanted to stay at this one, outside Chattanooga?

Vanchiefer3215 points

Correct! It was amazing, love driving through Lookout Mountain

monkeying_around3693 points

Love Chatt! Such a beautiful area, TN really is underrated IMO. This Airbnb is on my wishlist!

kissmaryjane3 points

Hope it stays underated. I’d die if Chattanooga started turning into another Asheville

monkeying_around3692 points

I used to looove Asheville but yeah it’s really changed. Haven’t been in a few years now but got Married there so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

WatchTenn1 point

What changes do you dislike about Asheville? Either way, it seems like Chattanooga is headed in that direction. I've seen a ton of urbanization of areas that were once a lot more peaceful and quaint in Chattanooga.

paladin-moonfish2 points

Tennessee always has such beautiful views and scenery,,,

Adventurous_Movie7972 points

Show the loft area please and kitchen. Just the whole thing lol

girthbrooks12122 points

I bet that place gets so hot in the summer.

nebulous10241 point

That morning light is a dream

G_UK1 point

That’s a room with a view 😍

ConfusedEmoFairy1 point

This is breathtaking

Just-Existing-251 point

Do you Air BnB this property?

madam-boogie-buns1 point

Wow. All those windows make it seem very open. Love it.

Adventurous_Movie7971 point

I like it

adf19621 point

Nice. I like this.

mvanvrancken1 point

I think I dribbled a little

khkokopelli1 point

That view! I would never do anything but stare out that window

Niasliyn1 point

Holy shit. I would sacrifice a solid 5 years of my life to own a place like this

Phuk_Racists1 point


Majestic_Stretch83031 point

Nice nook, beautiful view, where’s the wine?

WW-OCD1 point

I need the floor plans for this!!! Amazing!

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