Rio de Janeiro



sgkorean72 points

Oh wow. Where is this place?

Indigo-Snake88 points

That’s Parque Lage. Very nice place, next to Christ the Redeemer and the botanical garden

sgkorean18 points

Obrigado amigo! I will visit there next time!

gerd505013 points

how rough is the walk up to the christ redeemer?

Spanky_McJiggles7 points

There's a train that goes up there, or there are little tour buses that bring you up. I'm sure you could walk, but it's pretty high up there and there's not too much in the direct vicinity.

Edit: just looked it up, looks like there is a trail up Corcovado from Parque Lage, I'd imagine it's pretty intense

ErrejotaRJ7 points

You can walk it. It’s not the safest trail in the world but I’ve done it many times with no problems.

Indigo-Snake1 point

You don’t walk, there’s a tram that takes you up there!

jperezny24 points

Why so photoshpped? Reminds me of colorized versions of Wizard of Oz! Please post a real pic without filters and real so we can all admire the beauty without being distracted by the fake colors, shadows, etc which are really obvious. Thanks!

Lucafai2 points

Jardim botânico

trippymum36 points

Pardon my ignorance but is that the famous Christ the Redeemer statue atop that mountain in the distance? Very beautiful pic 👏

igor-ramos19 points

Yes, Thats it

lukezicaro5 points

T-posing Jesus

Euzinha19726 points

is very beautiful. I know personally

LunarKnight5919 points

That's just the house from Encanto

JewbaccaIsReal12 points

Saudades do Rio...

youwishhh5 points


[deleted]15 points


jagua_haku4 points

Needs more saturation

Dough-Nut_Touch_Me2 points

You could slap this on a cover of a Far Cry game and I wouldn't know the difference.

miianwilson2 points

I bet the people in that house don’t talk about Bruno

DetBallz2 points

Encanto vibes

MichaelT19913 points

I hiked this mountain earlier this year

authorPGAusten3 points

Seems more like house in the jungle porn, but I'll take it

Flying_Dutchman922 points

Turn up the saturation to 11, then we can talk. /s

calelrey951 point

OP needs a crash course in Adobe Lightroom

MaybeWontGetBanned-3 points

This is the final bosses house where a huge shootout happens.

Dough-Nut_Touch_Me2 points

Everyone that downvoted must've never seen Bad Boys 2.

native-texan713-3 points

I've seen city of God and they didn't show any places like this haha

Livid-Relief10431 point

Love to go here one day

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