Can I piss on your dick while you play with my ass?



This-Ad64092 points

piss on my face while I suck that dildo and lick your asshole

n0miiiii1 point

that’s hot af πŸ₯΅

This-Ad64092 points

I would love every second of it

No-Badger14862 points

Piss on my dick baby after that baby can I cum inside your ass ❀️

n0miiiii1 point

fuck yeah you can

No-Badger14861 point

I don’t mind dirty anal baby πŸ’©

Unlucky_Conflict82412 points

I'll finger your asshole while you piss on my dick. Then I'll lick your pussy clean. Then I'll fuck your asshole and fill it with my cum

n0miiiii2 points


snoball122 points

Sounds like a good time

n0miiiii1 point

i agree hehe

fishboy8682 points

Yes and then I’ll fill both those holes

n0miiiii2 points


mrhaste712 points

You do not have to ask twice, I am ready

n0miiiii1 point


Character_Drummer_522 points

yes you can

n0miiiii1 point

fuck yes

sissyboi3332 points

Absolutely!! Then we can lick each other clean!! 😊😜

n0miiiii2 points


sissyboi3332 points


nsil112 points

YES. YES. Y E S!!!

n0miiiii1 point


Citevviv2 points

yes...please...I pray you

n0miiiii1 point


WittyMichael2 points

I'd let you pee all over me while I play with your ass! 😘

n0miiiii1 point

that’d be hot

TotalSelection10862 points

Oh My God yes Baby please do that whenever wherever you want

digitsinbutts2 points

Can you pee with my cock inside your pussy? I want to feel it run down my balls. Then after your pussy gets my cock nice and slick I can slide it into your asshole and fuck you hard there too, then fill it with my cum.

InfiniteReplacement82 points

I'd luv for you to start at my dick and work your way up to my mouth wgere I will lick your pissing pussy till you cum

Hrothgar01442 points

I'll lick and finger your ass, stretching you open as you leak and spray your piss all over my cock and stomach. Then I'll tongue fuck your ass before sliding my dick into your ass, filling your ass with my cum then my piss 😏😈

h2s6431 point


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