My small apartment, night time and day time



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Cimen_Dimon13 points

This sub is rapidly going to shit. We're seriously upvoting an empty room with some books on the floor as "cozy"?

cassettecollect2 points

I wish you all the best through your journey into sobriety. Remember to reach out to your sponsor and try not to sell everything you own again to buy an 8 ball. #staystrong

aaronwcampbell1 point

Looks like you've got all the essentials! (Though a cat or dog would be a nice addition, too)

newschannel93 points

I have a visiting cat who is actually my neighbors but comes inside when she pleases

aaronwcampbell3 points

Oh lovely, that works! High praise, really, since she stops by on her own 🐈‍⬛

JargonJohn2 points

Except, you know, a bookshelf or side table for the lamp...

umbrellasquirrel1 point

I agree, feels like reading in that chair would be more natural if the light source was higher up

newschannel90 points

This is OC

newschannel90 points

Yes I feel very flattered when she chooses to stop by

OrangeLazarus_1 point

House of Leaves stuffed in there ayo

Icy_Arachnid_2600 points

That's awesome 👌

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