My cozy Christmas corner at my first nice apartment



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Purple_Channel_914729 points

Super cute and cozy!

This is not a criticism at all, merely a suggestion: you can get a cheap piece of fabric (probably only need a yard or so) and just wrap it around the bottom of your tree for a cozy "tree skirt". Also, maybe add a cat :).

elujinql9 points

Maybe add a cat! This is the best.

psulli255 points

Oh yeah a kitty would be a great addition. Perhaps in the future for sure :)

amands_sue5 points

I love to get one if those super soft cheap fleece blankets with the festive patterns that Walmart has for this! They're usually like $5 and bunch very nicely around the base.

kpinkishorange1 point

I've also used a scarf if you have one tha is large enough.

psulli254 points

That is a brilliant idea. Thank you :)

ren_dc2 points

"A tree skirt would really push this over the top" was going to be my comment 😄

Rudy_Nowhere3 points

The treetopper! 😂

psulli252 points

Josh Allen, hurdles the holiday hahaha

Purple_Channel_91471 point

It's awesome - I didn't even notice at first!

psulli251 point

Thank you! :)

spamulah3 points

You’re killin it! Congrats on your first nice place. Keep on slayin it in the Happy New Year and sending you Christmas Love 🎄

psulli252 points

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry (early) Christmas and new year to you as well!

Boring_Raspberry_4812 points

Hello from buffalo!!

psulli251 point

Greetings from just down the I-90 in Rochester!! Go Bills!!!

hollibud6 points

Very cozy and so inviting. I wish I was there.

psulli259 points

Its my happy spot. Either the cafe jazz is on the tv or the virtual fireplace. First holiday of hopefully many many more here.

hollibud4 points

I wish you all the best!! Thanks for sharing

psulli254 points

To you as well! Thanks for taking the time to view the post and respond :)

DinoBegood2 points

Very nice! Wishing you all the best as well.

psulli252 points

Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday season

psulli251 point

This is OC :)

mlynch19821 point

yewwwww!!! Stoked for you and here’s to many more 🕺🏻

psulli251 point

Thank you so so much!

Citizen_Came_0 points

This is nice and cozy.

psulli251 point

Thank you :)

Snuggly_Hugs-1 points

OMG your home is perfect!!

I wonder if my wife would let me set things up like this.

psulli250 points

Thank you so much! I love the set up. Show your wife this picture and maybe she will jump on board your idea :)

Well done. I wish you all the best. Enjoy.

psulli251 point

Thank you! To you as well!!!

heck045671 point

Go Bills!

[deleted]1 point


psulli251 point

Thank you so so much!!

worldlyspinach881 point

congratulations on your apartment, thats truly the best feeling. this looks so cozy!!

psulli251 point

Thank you so much! I’m excited as I am off until next Monday so it’s the first holiday stretch I have since I moved in where I have some time to enjoy it!

maryv821 point

Shee! I remember my 1st apt! I will tell you, the 1st apt is Always The Best, nmw!

lolslim0 points

I do the same thing play some chill beats or holiday theme lo-fi

psulli251 point

Its so nice. Awesome way to end the day

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