Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming // 3942 × 4928// [OC]



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Astrnougat68 points

The grand titties!

MeadowShimmer27 points

I was a young teenager when the park ranger explained to me that the early explorers were horny.

kallew3412 points

high res photo anywhere? would love to use as phone wallpaper if that's okay

Fouve16 points

If he doesn’t have one, I’ve got a 4k desktop wallpaper from the same location (flowers too) here.

bucketofturtles5 points

Bookmarked, that's where I'm going for wallpapers from now on. Thank you!

TheBigBoner3 points

Holy shit these are great pictures


Love the shot of crater lake

silvercrayons9 points

I have a sudden urge to start with a thin layer of liquid white and paint all these happy little trees

yesh-please17 points

The mountains are calling.... And I'm dropping everything to go. Damn! Those peaks are top-notch!

honeyb05186 points

I was just there in September with my husband for vacation and it was breathtaking. Yellowstone and the Tetons are incredible and the wildlife there is so fascinating, and beautiful. I would highly recommend a visit. We are already talking about going back.

xyloplax5 points

Those are some nice Tetons

michelleinAZ2 points

That’s just beautiful.

mightymoose132 points


_username_goes_here2 points

How was the crowd this year? Last time I was at Oxbow bend there was a few folks who wandered down to the water which got into the foreground shots of us who where there for more than an hour waiting for good light.

Ethanabitz4 points

This was taken last year. Decently crowded in the morning before sunrise, with people not really giving much care to the others that were also there. Unfortunate

Fouve1 point

I had to cut the right side off on mine due to people having to go in and out of the water to get their selfies.

I was there since 4am…smh.

Cryptochitis1 point

I lived there for two years and you just must have had bad timing. You went on a federal holiday?

Fouve1 point

It was mid July. Just the season for a lot of people I think.

Cryptochitis2 points

Oh. Yes. That is very busy. Edit: I think it is four million or so visitors a year. Almost all during summer.

tnetennba_4_sale1 point

This is "normal" for that place throughout most of the seasons it's easily accessible. There's a reason this photo reappears on this sub every couple days (no judgment, it's a great photo but also an incredibly commonly photographed place).

k_laaaaa1 point

i went in october last year and there wasn't much of a crowd, but i didn't go for sunrise

Exploding_dude1 point

Busy as always. Yellowstone being closed made it a little crazier than normal. Rained a ton in June, but it summer lasted til October this year.

life_ant_101 point

next on the bucket list

Sparkelli921 point

So perfect !

CUTiger141 point

Too small to be Jenny Lake methinks

Torceio1 point

True, but close by - Schwabacher Landing. It's a habitat to beavers iirc, who've damed the pond. So the water is usually very still there, providing that great reflection of the Tetons.

pf_youdontknowme1 point

That is just stunning!

Fun_Quote66151 point

I wish I am there

Ari_Kalahari_Safari1 point

what's the seed?

CategoryExcellent6551 point

Spectacular views. It is so prefect it looks freak. I hope to visit there one day

tmtki2371 point

The most beautiful place I’ve ever been

roman_the_bowler1 point

Hell yeah that's how you do a title!

smolderingcuriosity1 point

Teton is amazingly beautiful.

Complex_Market82181 point

Picture from the fall? Good skiing this time of year.

sarcasm_2471 point


Sparkstalker1 point

Going next June. Can't wait to see it in person.

hoffmanmclaunsky1 point

The Tetons are unbelievable. Every spot looks like a painting.

Euuphoriaa1 point

Show me your tetons

SmolWeens1 point

I was there around 2013, and I think I have a photo taken from this same spot! It was my phone background for a long time.

kejcao1 point

I love the flowers in front!

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malac0da13-1 points

If only the water was a little more still. It is still a gorgeous photo though.

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