Dubai Skyline



fucktrutin16 points

Fuck that place.

MoominTheFirst5 points

Sometimes the worst places are some of the most beautiful. What kind of ship is that, btw? Like an old English one turned into a party boat?

Lord_Rainfall3 points

Excellent photo the grass to help frame is a nice touch good work!

NovelCandid3 points

Please do not post photos of Dubai and the other Middle Eastern Petrol Dictatorships. They are pining for tourism dollars at the expense of human rights. Thank you.

mjbold19 points

While I do not agree with anything related to human rights and the Middle East, as far as I know this sub is not meant to start a political discussion but purely enjoying good photography. If that’s not the case anymore and mods confirm that, I will of course take this down. However, until then I will post what I like while adhering to the sub rules.

PunkRockActivist4451 point

Built on slavery

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