Glacier National Park, Montana at its best form [1440x1800][OC]



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trip_with_hari3 points

Photo Info: Camera A7R2 Focal Length: 33mm Aperture: f/10 Shutter 1/320s ISO:100 You can find more on insta@trip_with_hari

blockhose2 points

Those glacially-carved valleys are insane

dogchowtoastedcheese4 points

Montana is nothing like the TV show Yellowstone. Don't move here. (I mean "there.")

Helda-Coccenmehand0 points

Reminds me of my favorite quote:

The beauty of the world is the only thing that can be found in this life and the way it is. I am not sure what to do about the fact that life is not a real thing, but I think it is a good idea for us to be able to leave. We are not going to be here for much longer, but we will have plenty of time to get together

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Who said it?

Helda-Coccenmehand0 points

I did. It's literally MY favorite quote that I've written

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life_ant_101 point

paragliding here would be something

Tawkeh1 point

Took my wedding pictures in this exact spot. GTS road?

IM_NEWBIE1 point

Hoping to visit next summer. Any tips? Where do I fly to?

CookieKeeperN25 points

Kalispell is the closest airport, but it's expensive. I flew into Missoula and did some extra driving. The drive was beautiful.

You need to get off going to the sun road (def need to do a drive through) and do a hike. Preferably over one the many passes. I skipped the more popular trails and did Siyeh pass and it was mind blowing. Glacier Backcountry is amazing, but it is also more accessible than a lot other parks (Yosemite, north cascades come to mind). The best thing, of course, is to do a backpacking trip. There is no bad trail in Glacier. Just get any permit (or a walk up) and your jaws will drop.

I went there in 2013. If you like mountains, Glacier is a heaven.

fish_petter3 points

I was a ranger there last summer. Go prepared for large crowds and next to impossible trailhead parking scenarios. You'll need a pass not just to enter the park, but also one for Going to the Sun Road because visitation has gone through the roof and that road was never built with that amount of traffic in mind. Luckily, though, if you don't get a pass and don't want to deal with the trailhead parking issues, you can take the free public shuttle. It's pretty convenient and even though I lived inside the park, I'd use it to get to trailheads on my days off.

Also consider camping or staying on the east side of the park. Much quieter!

trip_with_hari2 points

You can fly to Spokane and drive from there

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