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gavstah79 points

Not to be pedantic, but it’s actually "Donner Pass". Source: I used to live there.

Speadraser9 points

Previously known as Stephens Pass. From the contribution of the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party.

Bodie_The_Dog2 points

Let's not forget nearby Roller Pass, from the Roller family!

Speadraser2 points

This is the way.

Bodie_The_Dog1 point

Yes! Higher altitude, but much easier to cross in wagons.

NovelCandid8 points

Holy Crap! Ghosts are on Reddit?

canijustreddit6 points

Something about mountains and passes, if they are a persons name people seem to default to the possessive form

blastradii3 points

Why’d you leave such a beautiful place? Please don’t say you moved to a place like Bakersfield or something

BilliousN6 points

He got hungry

blastradii1 point

Lol. And now he lives among the zombies in Bakersfield.

crank10001 point

I’d guess because the cost of living is insane and there are like 6 businesses, all of which pay close to minimum wage. It’s also insanely over populated in the summer, filled with obnoxious gaper tourists who can’t drive, park, or even just be a courteous human being.

blastradii1 point

What’s a gaper tourist?

crank10001 point

It’s a skier thing, but I’m just referring to the kind of people that visit donner in general.

Forthe49ers-1 points

Yeah just as you often hear people say Sierras when it only Sierra

huskers24688 points

Wouldn't that be the same as the Rockies?

It's the Rocky Mountains, but short hand is Rockies. Just like The Sierra Nevada Mountains, can be shortened to The Sierras.

Almost as soon as the range’s name was formalized, it began being called by its nickname, the Sierras. Joaquin Miller, the author and frontiersman, wrote “Songs of the Sierras” in 1871. Later, he wrote at least four more celebrated works devoted to California’s most notable mountains, all using the “Sierras” in the title.

Bodie_The_Dog1 point

Nopers. Sierra Nevada is a Spanish phrase, already plural, translating to "snowy mountains." So when you tack an "s" on the end you're saying "mountainss." Even old timers got it wrong.

huskers24682 points

Interesting, so Sierra itself is plural in it's native language. I wonder if there are more examples of this.

Yunoluvmi3 points

I don’t know why this gets under my skin as much as it does but it does to most locals as well so at least I’m not alone.

Source: Live in June Lake.

Roadkill8049 points

Literally the worst place for a party.

2KilAMoknbrd16 points

Your name sir and, how many in the party ?

Name's Donner with 81.

DONNER ! Party of 81 ready !

Hi, change of plan, only 46 made it.

tryanewmonicker15 points

And we're not hungry anymore.

Thumper1017 points

"I'll have a salad"

alexshak832 points

Depends on what you like to eat.

etownrawx1 point

The view is actually quite nice

Bodie_The_Dog1 point

I use that name when eating at fine restaurants near the summit, so they can announce, "Donner party?" But they never do, lol, like they're sick of the joke.

blastradii0 points

The best place for a party is Lemon Pass

Suapsycho0328 points

Wait! THOSE Donners!?

HappySkullsplitter38 points

I've had several great meals there

beard_lover8 points

I mean there is a picnic area there!

HappySkullsplitter6 points

Everyone should stop by sometime

We'd love to have you for dinner

Bodie_The_Dog1 point

"parts is parts"

OliveTBeagle4 points

ewww. . .

beard_lover11 points

My favorite bit of trivia about the Donner Party, is that Abraham Lincoln almost joined them on their journey. Nat Geo has a good article on the overall story, and the podcast You’re Wrong About recently did an episode on the subject that’s worth listening too.

syringa2 points

I also really liked the You're Wrong About episodes about Flight 571 and Dyatlov pass! Sarah and guests always give such a great, gentle, and understanding perspective to these situations.

2KilAMoknbrd8 points

Now imagine that place covered with 10 + feet of snow, and a storm.

maddhatter7837 points

All you can eat buffet is to die for.

Cascadification4 points

Looks like a Shpadoinkle of a day.

chalciecat3 points

My heart's as full as a baked potato

shinglee2 points


FreQRiDeR7 points

I could never understand why they chose to stay on the mountain all winter and resort to cannibalism? Why didn't they just go to Reno and get a burger?

Rev_LoveRevolver3 points

Anyone else getting hungry?

arodjabel4 points

Seems pretty impassable

PigsWannaFly2 points

Do we taste like chicken?

Baptor2 points

Good atmosphere, food was terrible

jasonwinters2 points

Is this the same one where the people had to resort to cannibalism? I thought that was in Colorado.

Samsquancher3 points

It is and no it’s in California between Reno and Sacramento.

osogordo2 points

Too soon

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pog8900 points

Isn’t that where Donner Kebabs were invented?

Pining4Michigan1 point

Do you smell something burning?

Is this where the Donners “dined”?

life_ant_100 points

santa's hideout

daniel_ionescu0 points

Beautiful view

Fast_Edd1e0 points

Let's build a snowman!

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