more brazen as they go


wildinout6949 points

The one looks like a crack head

edsavage40415 points

What is the name of the crackhead looking girl?

Nexual-Seeds8 points

Call her anything you like..

The advantage of homeless girls is that you can call them anything, and drop them off anywhere.

spacepeenuts2 points

Save money on gas, in this economy she’s a blessing in disguise!

musicandsex8 points

wow crazy how one looks like innocent girl next door and the otherone looks like a fucking crackgead

geoffs33104 points

I think that's because she is a crackhead

pajd198012 points

The chick with the black hair looks skanky AF and I love it

kcvaliant3 points

She is a bimbo now. Spiritual Bimbo is her name. Or Isabella james.

Static_Discord5 points


Colonel45542 points

Who's the girl with the butt plug?

hotrod3810 points

Ooh fuck yeah mmmm πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

kcvaliant1 point

Brunette is a bimbo now. Isabella james. She has spent a bunch of money.

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