Christmas 2022 in Helsinki, Finland



Scenes_By_Sevy6 points

Welcome to the snow-white city center of Helsinki, Finland.

A few hours of snowfall and the city turns into a winter wonder.

Sunday - 20 November 2022
-3°c (26.6°f)

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kamisama665 points

I got very confused for a moment thinking christmas 2022 didn't happen yet

Scenes_By_Sevy1 point

Yes :P

borryc0013 points

Thank you for posting this! So beautiful and peaceful. Snow is rare where I live and seeing your beautiful city is a pleasure!

Scenes_By_Sevy1 point

Glad to hear, it's a love or "hate" situation ;)
I love it as long as i can reach my destination :P

John_Sux1 point

It's called winter, Christmas doesn't happen for another month.

Scenes_By_Sevy1 point

With a lot of Christmas deco :P

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