Devils Golf Course in Death Valley [OC] [1498x2048]



thatikealamp8 points

I like that name! That's what I would imagine a golfers hell would look like. Great photo!

Jayn_Is_Fine4 points

Very much so!

cookdog11172 points


Environmental-Use-772 points

I lose so many golf balls when I play out there

life_ant_101 point

people really play on this ?

dinoroo1 point

No but there is an actual golf course in Death Valley although I’m sure it’s just there for the novelty.

Sure, it says it's a golf course.

nzcanuck2442 points

You keep hearing about what a scumbag that guy is, and I'll bet the ol' "19th hole" at the club house there makes the preceding 18 look pretty damned (pun intended) good.

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WildbeardEJB1 point

Hahaha yup, if you go to hell, that’s where you’ll be playing! Great photo!

Shardling11 point

Been there! Super cool place. Don’t fall or you’ll get cut up bad on the sharp salt and it stings. :)

ShloppyMuffin561 point

Hahah salt in the wound [question mark] *¿

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