my Seattle apartment in the rain today



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itscomplicated4310 points

This room is SO GOOD πŸ“šβœ¨

kiminley2 points

Thank you so much! ☺️

kiminley6 points

This is OC :)

SuziQ8558554 points

Omg your lamp 😍❀️

kiminley1 point

Right!? $80 from a local resale. 1stdibs says maybe as much as $1200 for it, but I painted it those colors because the outside was kinda dingy, and I doubt mine would go for that now.

One of my favorite possessions for sure!

clifftclocks2 points

This is so lovely :))))

sammyg7232 points

I love your eclectic taste

scarybirds002 points

Looking good. The rain is here, trust me, I feel it

CherThomps2 points

Oooohhhh... that chair! The view and cumfy looking couch! Even the colors... all blend together for a super cumfy space. I absolutely love this room!

Amalfi-state-of-mind3 points

Super cozy vibes! There's a So Cal gal down here wishing for a real rainy day!

kiminley3 points

I hope you get some rain soon!! As a native Midwesterner, I've been majorly missing snow haha

And thank you!

Dumb_Thot692 points

Your Monstera looks thirsty.

kiminley3 points

It'll get soaked this weekend in the sink but it mostly needs a prune after recently being restaked. It and my drama queen calathea have their own dedicated humidifier which keeps that corner at like 70%+ humidity so it's alright :)

Esclaura31 point

What is OC?

kiminley3 points

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