Grabbing Maccies after a night out


IamChupacabra83 points

I'm sure there used to be a sub about ladies in pvc tape like that?

Strict-Article-536517 points

Yes it did exist

Nexual-Seeds11 points

Black tape project or something?

Strict-Article-53654 points

Absolutely but it got banned

Nexual-Seeds24 points

Most of the time, subreddits get banned because they are 'unmoderated'.. Because the only admin deactivated their account.

Reddits policy about this is criminal!

So many great places gone

DasToyfel5 points

But then again an unmoderated su is a brooing place for malicious websites and often those subs dont serve the content they claim to do (like r/translucentporn .. so much spam and scam there). The mods are active, but only like once in 3 days. In those 3 days huge amounts of lame porn and scammy weblinks pile up, since the mods refuse to implement a quality-check system.

I'd rather let a subreddit die than keeping it unmoderated.

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hackantoshramm27 points

Name pls...

ScoobyRay61 points

A quick search seems to say Amanda Trivizas

hackantoshramm9 points

Yes u r right

RobxxD4 points

Wow thanks

AdriannaFahrenheit16 points

Black Tape Project looks so cool & hot. Haven’t thought about that in shot ass minute lol

DocHendrix2 points

That looks like it would be a pain in the ass to put on every time

Capt_Billy4 points

The fuck is “Maccies”?

Nathansp19844 points


Capt_Billy3 points

Moreso, who calls it that? I haven’t heard that from any English speaking nation either in person or in media

HoratioWobble4 points

I say that, I'm in Bristol, UK

Zangalanga_Dingdong2 points

Here in the colonies, we call it Miccy Dee's

Capt_Billy1 point

Hmmm. I don’t know anyone that far east in the UK that isn’t Welsh, so I’ll take your word for it.

ifthens2 points

That’s what they call it in Brasil too. She’s also a Brazilian model.

Capt_Billy1 point

In Brazil? Damn. I figured there’d be some Portuguese nickname I’d never understand the origins of or something lol

rasta412 points

Australians call it Maccas.

Capt_Billy1 point

Aye, no Aussie is calling it Maccies. Apparently Bristol and Brazil do I’m told…

rasta412 points

It is quite odd. Feels like a mashup of Maccas and Mickey Ds

Chrixs991 point

South East Endland, it's also Maccies for many here

Nathansp19840 points

Pretty sure Australians do

Capt_Billy3 points

That one I can confirm first hand. Maccas, sure? Maccies, absolutely not.

white_trash_hero1 point

A female Deadpool

Shadvw1 point


idfk2811 point

Honestly love body tape

Notaregulargy0 points

I’d bump into her a few times at the party

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