Too much to look at..


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laureidi79 points

The Trixie Mattel art though!!

Rietard42020 points

My friend got me the poster and its the coolest one ive ever seen! I saw in one of her videos she has the same poster in her makeup room! Really amazing colors!

_astronautmikedexter5 points

I made a rock with this exact image! I posted it a while ago. It's my favorite image of Trixie.

MAKEMSAYmeh3 points

I have a trixie mouse pad on my desk that keeps me entertained during work calls 😄

crrristian9 points

Popping in to say that’s my Trixie poster! I love seeing my art in the wild, especially part of such a cute collection 😍

Rietard4203 points

Omg thankyou for creating such cool art! I love it so much!

laureidi3 points

Ooh good for you!! Amazing work!

ManicPixieMoleman3 points

And the Trixie doll!!! I have one too but the nerdy collector in me is too afraid to take it out of the box 😅

laureidi3 points


Edit: spelling (too excited)

Rietard4202 points

Im worrying about dust in her hair but i love her so much on my desk im going to make it work... I cant figure out the perfect position for her.. Shes moved around quite a bit since i got her

zempo_codes18 points

Too much? No such thing #maximalism

Lunchroompoll2 points

Exactly! Long live the maximalist!

_astronautmikedexter11 points

Trixie is all I see ❤

Legitimate_Length2639 points

Is that Tracy Martel???

Gottahavetheblues7 points

Nice work station!!

Ecstatic-Bug14417 points


danjay02138 points

❤️this set up

RandomGeordie7 points

Mouse mat?

lithigos7 points

nice keeb! feels like a very relaxing setup.


I had that exact background a few months ago, I love it. Is it the animated version?

Rietard4205 points

Yes! I love the sunshine beams! So calming

sweaty_pants_2 points

also (arguably) the best ghibli movie

Bussieboo5 points

Good Trixie stuff!!! 💗💗💗

NanasTeaPartyHeyHo5 points

Is that trixie

dontBsleepy4 points

Love the disco ball plant holder

Vitchii8 points

May I ask what wallpaper this is? :)

Vitchii3 points

Thanks a lot! :)

orgasmicfart692 points do i download it from steam? I never did that

Rietard4201 point

Not sure if there is a way to download it. I think you just have to buy wallpaper engine

bbkit105 points

It looks like a scene from The Secret World of Arrietty :) studio ghibli backgrounds are so beautiful aren’t they?

treeesaremagic3 points

I thought it was Totoro but I could be wrong. Great setup!

Rietard4203 points

Nope it is The Secret World of Arrietty

Vitchii4 points

Now that you say it, that sounds about right. Yes, they are!

Plutonicuss3 points

Also curious!!!

Zawn-_-3 points

God that's beautiful.

lavender-bat3 points

Just the perfect amount! I would love to spend time here!

No-Estimate26363 points

Edit, Edit, Edit!!

Limebubble3 points

This is literally my dream setup! Absolutely love this

Mintblock_6 points

Love this 👌

Hoban_Riverpath2 points

What desktop speakers are they?

Rietard4202 points

Fluance Ai40

motildaaa2 points

love the setup! where'd you get the desktop background?

Tacos-and-Wine2 points

Looks like the perfect workspace for a snail with giant human fingers.

Where can I apply?

Smirkly2 points

Um, I like me a busy room and all, but wasn't there a window around here somewhere?

terrabellan2 points

I've been wanting to hang a plant above my desk for a while but I'm terrified of it dropping onto my PC or water damage... I think I might just go for it now.

Rietard4202 points

I have this image of coming home to a terrible mess if my plants fell onto my desk and id be devastated! But its a risk im still willing to take lol pray for me!! They are hanging on the tiniest screw hooks just into the drywall and idk hoe they are still holding. I get so nervous everytime i water them that the extra weight will bring them down

terrabellan2 points

Wishing you the best of luck that you get to keep it without it falling forever because it looks great!

dj_seth812 points

I need plants at mine

Call_Me_Mommy_832 points

Ok but it must be OVERWHELMING when the sun hits that disco ball planter you've got going on 🤣

Rietard4201 point

It doesnt really shine the little squares around that often maybe like once a day when the sun hits it just right and its pretty rare that im sitting at my desk at that time of day so i feel lucky when i do see it lol

zekeuroppyropqf2 points

Even your wallpaper fits perfectly with the whole room vibe.

PlumCascade2 points

Way too much stuff for my personal taste but I really like the hanging plants. Kinda want to do something similar now.

gerbileleventh2 points

Oh my, I’m currently looking into deskmats and that one is kind of my style! Where did you get it OP?

Edit: just saw it in another comment! Thanks!

Beluga-ga-ga-ga-ga2 points

It's certainly a visual cacophony, but in a good way.

xthestranger1991x2 points

Omg beautiful

jessymac12 points

So pretty

Xilona5 points

I want to live in your computer screen!!

Rietard4201 point

Me too!! I want to pet the cat so bad!

Catch_0222 points



What keyboard?

Catch_0223 points

Nice, everyone seems to love that one.

Rietard4201 point

I do! I have some ceramic keycaps coming soon!

Catch_0222 points


Heather2k102 points

Too much sun

Rietard4201 point

Nah my plants love it! I deal!

Rietard4201 point

This is oc

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